BitLife Achievements – Earn Them All

BitLife: Life Simulator comes with everything you need to enjoy a fulfilling experience. You can unlock achievements by completing various tasks that may even earn you ribbons. Many of the achievements are just there to add a bit more fun to your experience.

Most of the BitLife achievements are easy to understand, but some of them may require some effort to achieve.

You can see the achievements you earned from the Achievements tab under the Collectibles menu in the Main Menu of the BitLife app.

Currently, there are 172 achievements in BitLife. In the Android version of the BitLife app, you’ll find 170 achievements. But this number is not fixed. CandyWriterts keep adding new challenges and achievements to the BitLife game.

In this guide, we will list down all the available achievements, and we will guide you to earn all the achievements in BitLLife.

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BitLife Achievements List

Longevity Achievements in BitLife

Longevity achievements are mostly related to living a longer life in BitLife. So you need to practice a healthy lifestyle to live a longer life. Visiting the gym and having a proper diet are two crucial things. 

Apart from that, you can practice meditation, take walks, and practice martial arts to help you live a healthy and longer life, which ultimately helps you earn all of the longevity achievements in BitLife.

  1. Complete a Life – This is one of the most straightforward achievements in BitLife. You just need to live a complete life from start to death.
  2. Octogenarian – You need to live for 80 years in one of the lives you live in BitLife. Once you complete your 80th birthday, you will earn the octogenarian achievement.
  3. Nonagenarian – This achievement is the same as the above one, but you need to live for 90 years to earn Nonagenarian achievement.
  4. Centenarian – Once you make a century in your life and live for 100 years, you can earn Centenarian achievement.
  5. Super-Centenarian – When you see your 110th birthday, you can earn Super-Centenarian achievement.
  6. Mega-Centenarian – You can earn Mega-Centenarian achievement when you see your 120th birthday.
  7. Strong Genes – You can gain strong genes achievement when you could achieve a 500 year generation. Once you live a life and have kids, you can move to play a life of a child at the end of your life. This way, you can play through a generation for several decades. Once you complete 500 years in a single generation, you can earn Strong Genes achievement.
  8. Long Lineage – You need to play for 1000 years in the same generation to achieve Long Lineage.
  9. Living Legacy – Once you complete 5000 year generation, you can achieve Living Legacy.

Wealth Achievements in BitLife

  1. Millionaire – You can earn Millionaire achievement in BitLife once you become a millionaire. Please read our guide on how to become a millionaire to read more on this.
  2. My Second Million – When you achieve a net worth of two million dollars, you will earn My Second Million achievement in BitLife.
  3. Multimillionaire – Achieving a net worth of ten million dollars will earn you the Multimillionaire achievement.
  4. Rich – Having a net worth of 20 million dollars is the primary requirement to achieve the Rich achievement.
  5. Super Rich – When you accumulate 50 million dollars in BitLife, you can earn Super Rich achievement.
  6. Stinking Rich – Accumulation of 100 million dollars is the only requirement to earn this Stinking Rich achievement.
  7. Bitionaire – Once you become a billionaire by accumulating one billion dollars, you can earn the Bitionaire achievement in BitLife. You can learn how to become a Billionaire in BitLife by reading our guide.

Entertainment Achievements in BitLife

  1. Moviegoer – When you go to a movie, you can be a Moviegoer. If you are not a Bitizen, you need to watch an advertisement when you select to go to a movie in BitLife to achieve this.
  2. BitBoi – To achieve BitBoi, you need to watch youtube with your friends until Bijuu Mike shows up.
  3. BTS Army – You need to go to a BTS concert with a friend to collect the BTS Army achievement. You can see BTS concern in the list of the concerts.
  4. Movie Junkie – If you could go to five movies in one life, you can collect Movie Junkie achievements. You will need to watch advertisements if you are not a Bitizen.

Fame Achievements in BitLife

The primary requirement for all the fame achievements is to gain fame. You can read our guide on how to become a famous person in BitLife to gain fame.

  1. Brightest Star – You can earn Brightest Star achievement when you achieve the 100% in the fame stat bar.
  2. Centerfold – If you are a female and a famous person, you can earn Centerfold when you pose for the Wank magazine.
  3. Endorser – You can earn Endorser achievement when you get paid two million dollars for a commercial you did as a famous person.
  4. K-Pop – You need to become a famous Korean singer to earn this achievement. You have to be born in South Korea if you plan to collect the K-Pop achievement. Having a high stat in Looks will be an advantage for you.

General Achievements in BitLife

  1. Booty Call – You can earn the Booty Call achievement when you are a woman and have a successful Brazilian butt lift with plastic surgery.
  2. Perfection – When you achieve 100% stats in all Happiness, Looks, Health, and Smart bars, you can achieve perfection.
  3. All Along – You can earn the All Along achievement when you have a closeted parent reveal themselves as gay/bisexual.
  4. Begone – Exorcise your own ghost to earn Begone.
  5. BitLife Legend – When you complete all the other achievements in BitLife, you can earn BitLife Legend. So this is the last achievement you can earn in BitLife.
  6. Cliff Diver – When you jump from a cliff into the water, you can get Cliff Diver. 
  7. Dignified Donor – If you could donate an heirloom worth more than one million dollars, you can get Dignified Donor.
  8. Flamin’ Hot – If you want to achieve Flamin’ Hot, you need to start a Hot Cheetos diet and continue it for 60 years.
  9. Flee the Country – If you could immigrate to another country once you escape prison, you can achieve the Flee the Country achievement. So first, you have to get into jail.
  10. Frankenstein – You need to try and fail in five plastic surgeries. But you have to survive from all to get Frankenstein.
  11. Goat Grabber – First be born in Afganisthan, then join a goat-grabbing team to get Goat Grabber.
  12. Hero – You can earn Hero if you rescue someone’s life.
  13. Human Dictionary – Read the Merriam-Webster dictionary from start to end to get the Human Dictionary achievement.
  14. Jackpot – If you win a BitLife lottery jackpot, you can collect the Jackpot achievement.
  15. Lowroller – Go to jail by getting in debt with a casino. Once you get out, try to re-enter, the casino will reject you as they have banned you already. This way, you can get the Lowroller achievement.
  16. Nightmare – If you could wake up from a nightmare, you can get Nightmare achievement.
  17. Paranightmare – Contracting PTSD after a paranormal experience will earn you the Paranightmare achievement.
  18. Player Perks – You need to get famous first, then accept if a casino makes you an offer, you can achieve Player Perks.
  19. Resourceful – Do not get a job at all and get one million dollars. You can either ask your family, sell an heirloom or commit a crime like rob a train. But make sure that you won’t get caught. Then you can earn Resourceful in BitLife.
  20. Rich Justice – If you could win a lawsuit over one million dollars, you can earn Rich Justice. You could sue a surgeon if a plastic surgery went wrong.
  21. Roswell – Encountering with an Alien would get you Roswell achievement.
  22. Run Bitizen – If you could win a bet on Bitizen the horse, on a horse race, you can get Run Bitizen achievement.
  23. Sacrilege – You need to receive the Holy Grail as an heirloom and play with it to get Sacrilege.
  24. Say Goodbye to Hollywood – If you illegally tried to emigrate to the US and get deported to your country, you can get Say Goodbye to Hollywood.
  25. Skeezy – You can get Skeezy when you argue with someone and insult you as Skeezy.
  26. Snake Snack – You have to eat a snake to get Snake Snack. Your friends would offer you a snake as exotic food.
  27. There’s Always Canada – When you are born in another country and emigrated to Canada could get There’s Always Canada.
  28. Try & Stop Me – You can have a restraining order placed on you if you stalk or text or call your ex endlessly. When you break that restraining order, you can get Try & Stop Me.
  29. Ultimate Betrayal – Have a gender reassignment surgery once you get married. You will not be in a heterosexual marriage, and your spouse will likely leave you. Then you can get the Ultimate Betrayal achievement.
  30. Unethical – If you are rich and your kids are low in smart, apply for a university. Your kid’s application will be rejected, and a pop-up will ask you whether you want to bribe the college official or not. Accept it to get Unethical achievement.
  31. Winnipeg, Eh? – You can get Winnipeg, Eh? when you visit Winnipeg for a vacation.
  32. ZAP! – Get struck by lightning will get you ZAP! Achievement.

You can only find below two achievements only in the iPhone version of the game.

  1. Sweepstakes – You can earn Sweepstakes achievement if you could win the Sweepstakes.
  2. Hyperthymesia – To earn Hyperthymesia achievement, you have to play the memory test minigame and score 20 correct answers.

Animal-Related Achievements in BitLife

  1. Animal Rescue – You can get Animal Rescue if you could rescue an animal or keep an animal as a pet.
  2. Deaf Leopard – Yell at a Leopard to get Deaf Leopard.
  3. Gorilla and the Fist – You can get Gorilla and the Fist if your character is attacked to death by a gorilla.
  4. Hungry Hippo – Resuing a Hippo will get you the Hungry Hippo.
  5. Lion Tamer – Rescue a Lion will get you, Lion Tamer.
  6. Unicorn – You can get Unicorn achievement if you find a Unicorn.

Career Achievements in BitLife

  1. Actor – Once you become an Actor, you can get the Actor achievement. Please read our guide to know how to become an actor in BitLife.
  2. Airline Captain – You need to become an Airline Captain to get this achievement. Our guide on How to become a pilot in BitLife will guide you for this.
  3. At Inner Peace – Become a monk in BitLife and word for 75 years to get At Inner Peace achievement.
  4. CandyWriter – Working for BitLife will earn you Candywriter achievement.
  5. CEO – When you become a CEO, you can get this. Our guide on how to become a CEO in BitLife will help you with this achievement.
  6. Dentist – You will get this when you become a dentist in BitLife.
  7. Doctor – Becoming a doctor will get you this.
  8. Fire Chief – Once you become a fire chief, you’ll get this.
  9. Jack of All Trades – If you could have ten different careers in one life, you can get Jack of All Trades achievement.
  10. Judge – Becoming a judge in BitLife will get you this.
  11. Last Resort – First, get fired from your job, then seduce your boss to get the job back. It will give you the Last Resort achievement.
  12. Lawyer – When you become a lawyer in Bitlife, you can earn this.
  13. People Person – If you could be friends with all the co-workers at your job, you can achieve the People Person. Read our friends guide for BitLife.
  1. Armed & Dangerous – First, learn martial arts. Then you have to kill someone with a martial arts move to get Armed & Dangerous.
  2. Medieval Attack – You can get Medieval Attack if you are attacked with a medieval weapon (bow, sword, crossbow, crossbow dagger).
  3. No Grasshopper – Learn martial arts until you get the top belt. Then you can get the No Grasshopper achievement.
  4. Sensei San – You need to learn every martial art until you reach the top belt of all of them to get Sensei San.
  1. Balcony Buccaneer – Get away with porch pirate crime for 100 times will get you the Balcony Buccaneer achievement.
  2. Bugatti Bandit – Steal a Bugatti to earn Bugatti Bandit.
  3. Burglar – When you steal 25 homes, you can get Burglar achievement.
  4. Cold Killer – You have to kill ten people within one life to get Cold Killer achievement.
  5. Cosa Nostra – You have to join the Sicilian Mafia to get Cosa Nostra achievement. You can learn more about this on our BitLife Mafia guide.
  6. Dillinger – You need to rob five banks within one life to get Dillinger.
  7. Godfather – Once you become the mafia godfather, you can get Godfather achievement. Read our BitLife mafia guide for more information on how to become the godfather.
  8. Going Anywhere – When you rob the midnight train, you can get Going Anywhere achievement. Please read our guide on how to rob a train in BitLife.
  9. Rat Spotter – If you could correctly identify the rat in the Mafia, you can get Rat Spotter. Read our mafia guide for more information.
  10. Scare to Death – If you could murder someone using scare to death, you can get this.
  11. Serial Killer – Within one lifetime, you have to kill 25 people to get the Serial Killer in BitLife.
  12. The Program – When you are in the Mafia, you have to join the Witness Protection Program to get this. You can collect information about your co-workers and give the information to the police when you are in the WPP.

Disease-Related Achievements

  1. Addicted – You need to have three addictions at once to get this. You can get addicted to gambling, drugs, and alcohol.
  2. Bubonic Plague – You can get Bubonic Plague achievement if you are get contracted with the bubonic plague.
  3. Foam at the Mouth – Get contracted with rabies to get Foam at the Mouth achievement. You can’t plan this, and you will get rabies when you try to rescue an animal. It is entirely a random thing.
  4. Sickly – Contracting with ten diseases within one life can get Sickly.
  5. Successful Rehab – If you want to get this, get addicted to something, go to a rehab center, and cure the addiction.
  6. Witchcraft – Choose a witch doctor if you have a sickness. If they could cure you, you can get Witchcraft.

Fertility Achievements in BitLife

  1. DNA Doner – You have to make 25 sperm donations in one life to get DNA Doner.
  2. Fabulously Fertile – If you could have ten children in one life, you can get Fabulously Fertile.
  3. Fertile Myrtle – If you are a female and could give birth to 25 children in your life, you can get Fertile Myrtle.
  4. Smart Seed – Receive donated sperm from a lawyer to get Smart Seed achievement.
  5. Super Sperm – As a male, you can get Super Sperm achievement if you have 100 children in one lifetime. You need to start when you are 18 years old and hook up with as many women as possible.
  6. Three’s Company – If you have triplets, you can get the Three’s Company. Please read our guide on how to have twins or triplets in BitLife for more info.
  1. Bejeweled – If you could obtain three jewelry pieces from the same lover, you can get Bejeweled.
  2. Black Widow – First, your character should be a female character. Marry to five men one after another in your life, and all your husbands should die if you want to get Black Widow.
  3. Diamond Anniversary – If you could be in your marriage for 75 years, you can earn the diamond anniversary achievement.
  4. Fake It – First, but a fake ring and propose with it. You can get Fake It achievement if your partner accepts the proposal. This fake ring will work on partners with low-smart stat.
  5. Family Planner – If your wife or girlfriend already on birth control agrees to go off with it as you suggest, you can get the Family Planner.
  6. Golder Anniversary – If you can celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary with your partner, you can get Golder Anniversary.
  7. Maiden Named – If you can find and marry a man who wishes to take your last name to him, you can get Maiden Named. Your character should be a female.
  8. Multigamist – If you could have ten marriages in your life, you can get Multigamist. All marriages should happen after divorcing the previous one.
  9. Stud – If you have 100 lovers in one lifetime in BitLife, you can get Stud achievement.
  10. Wedding Planner – You can get the Wedding Planner if you agree to an arranged marriage. Born in an Asian country as arranged marriages are common in these countries. Make sure not to get into a relationship.

Military Achievements in BitLife

  1. Career Military – Once you join the military, you need to stay until the mandatory retirement age of 62 to get the Career Military achievement.
  2. General – If you could rank up to the General rank, you can get General.
  3. Admiral – Join the Navy as an officer and rank up to the Admiral rank to get this.
  4. Absent Without Leave – Get addicted to alcohol once you join the military in BitLife. Because of this addiction, your job performance will become lower, and you’ll get discharged from the military. Then you can get the Absent Without Leave achievement in BitLife.
  5. Excavator – If you could clear ten minefields when you are in the military, you can get Excavator achievement.
  1. Adopt Don’t Shop – You need to buy at least two farms at first, then go to an animal shelter and rescue every animal in there. Then you can get Adopt don’t shop achievement.
  2. Horsing Around – First, become rich so that you afford fifty horses. To earn horsing around achievement, you need to own fifty horses in one life.
  3. Just Keep Swimming – You need to buy a goldfish from a pet shop and need to release it back into the water to earn the Just Keep Swimming achievement.
  4. Natural Selection – You need to pet an exotic animal, and it needs to attack your lover to death if you want to get the Natural Selection achievement.
  5. No Probllama – You will get No Probllama achievement when you buy a llama animal in BitLife.

Prison Achievements in BitLife

Most of the achievements in this category are related to prison and escaping prison. So first, we recommend you to read our guide on how to escape from prison in BitLife.

  1. Aftermath – If you could escape the prison in a riot, you can get aftermath achievement.
  2. Behind Bars – To get behind bars achievement, first, you need to get into prison by committing a significant crime. But make sure that you stay for at least 50 years without escaping, being released, or dying.
  3. Cry Baby – When you are in prison, go to the prison activities and select the Cry activity to get Cry baby achievement.
  4. Escape Artist – When you escape from the prison, you can get escape artist achievement.
  5. Gangsta – If you could successfully join a prison gang, you can get the gangsta achievement.
  6. Inmating – You should be a male to get this. Before going to prison, you should have a good relationship with your partner. Otherwise, she will refuse you once you get into the prison. Once you are in prison, arrange a conjugal visit with your partner, and there, your partner should get pregnant to get inmating achievement.
  7. Instigator – If you could start a riot in prison successfully, you can get instigator achievement.
  8. Justice – When you are in prison, appeal with the most expensive lawyers. When you get freed by the appeal, you can get the Justice achievement.
  9. Mercy Me – Get into prison with a death sentence by committing murder. But at the prison, stay with good behavior. Prison will grant you clemency so that you can get Mercy Me achievement.
  10. Midnight Express – Your character should live in Turkey. When you commit a crime, you will get sentenced to prison. When you get into a Turkish prison, you will earn Midnight Express achievement.
  11. Theseus – When you escape from a maximum-security prison in BitLife, you can earn the Theseus achievement. Please read our escaping prison guide for more information.
  12. True Lifer – When you spend 75 years in prison, you can get the True Lifer achievement.

Royalty Achievements in BitLife

Please read the BitLife Royalty Guide before trying to complete Royalty achievements.

  1. Executioner – As a monarch, you need to execute 20 people to get Executioner achievement.
  2. Markel – If you could marry into the British Royal family, you can get Markel achievement.
  3. Monarch – You can get this if you become a monarch.
  4. Napoleon – You should be a royal family, but you can get Napolean achievement only if you get exiled into a distant land.
  5. Reign Over Us – If you could reign as a monarch for 100 years, you can get Reign Over Us achievement in BitLife.

Sports Achievements in BitLife

  1. Canton – First, become a professional football player in BitLife. Practice hard and be on a solid team. You need to win several championships. After your retirement, you may be inducted into the hall of fame. Then you will earn Canton achievement.
  2. Cristiano – Perform exceptionally well as a professional soccer player. If you are good enough and trained well, you will win the Ballon d’Or for being the best player in the league. This way, you can get the Cristiano achievement.
  3. Full Ride – Practice hard to become an athlete player. When you graduate high school, you can earn Full Ride achievement if you get an athletic scholarship from a university.
  4. Giggsy – As a professional sportsperson, you need to win 13 championships in your career. Then you can earn Giggsy. 
  5. Hooker – You should play in a rugger team in the hooker position to earn hooker achievement.
  6. Lance – Become dope as a professional sportsperson, but win the championship to get the Lance achievement.

Music Achievements in BitLife

  1. Bling Bling – You can earn Bling Bling achievement if an album you release could earn a diamond certificate. First, you need to become a famous singer in BitLife.
  2. Didgeridoo’er – If you can master the didgeridoo instrument, you can earn Didgeridoo’er.
  3. Keep it on the Down Hoe – If you can perform in a hoedown as an artist, you can earn Keep it on the Down Hoe achievement.
  4. Lyrical Legend – You need to release an album every year for 25 years to earn Lyrical Legend.
  5. Moves Like Jagger – If you could go on a performing tour at the age of 75 years, you can earn Moves Like Jagger achievement. 

Achievements for Real Estate in BitLife

  1. House Hunter – Get into buying and selling real estate. You need to make a two million dollar profit from flipping houses to earn House Hunter.
  2. Mansion Party – First, you need to become rich in BitLife and buy a mansion. Then throw a party to earn Mansion Party achievement.
  3. Real Estate Mogul – Become a multimillionaire or a billionaire in BitLife and buy real estate worth ten million dollars. Then you can earn Real Estate Mogul achievement.
  4. Trailer Party – Throw a party at a trailer you bought to get the Trailer party achievement.

School Achievements in BitLife

  1. Brothers Forever – Try enrolling in a US or Canadian university, joining a fraternity or sorority, then applying to jobs. If you’re lucky, your interviewer will be from the same frat and hire you without even interviewing you. Then you can get Brother Forever.
  2. Earning That A – Maintain high looks by visiting the gym and saloons frequently. Then go to the university and seduce a professor to get Earning That A achievement.
  3. Naughty Child – You need to get expelled from school to earn the Naughty Child achievement. Having low grades, insulting teachers, bullying others are the possible reasons for an expel.
  4. Swimming Star – Join the swimming team in the school. Practice hard and perform well to become the captain. When you become the captain of the school swimming team, you can earn the Swimming Star achievement.

Social Media Achievements in BitLife

  1. Social Media – This is a pretty straightforward achievement. You can earn Social Media achievement by joining social media.
  2. Social Media Sharer – You can earn the Social Media Sharer achievement by posting a status update on social media. If you are not a Bitizen, you might have to share the BitLife app on your social media profiles to get this.
  3. Social Media OverSharer – If you post five status updates within one year, you can earn Social Media Oversharer.
  4. Social Media Star – You can earn Social Media Star if you can get one million followers. But first, you need to become a famous person.
  5. Check – If you could get your social media profile verified after becoming a famous person, you can earn Check achievement.

Vehicle Achievements in BitLife

  1. Antiqued – To earn Antiqued achievement, you need to keep a car running for at least 200 years. Make sure to service the car twice a year, and once your current life is over, play as a new generation with the same vehicle.
  2. Car Collector – First, you need to become rich and collect expensive cars worth one million dollars. Then you can earn Car Collector achievement.
  3. Extra Leg Room – Become super-rich and buy Boeing 747. Then go on a vacation with you 747 to earn the Extra Leg Room achievement.
  4. Lambo – If you can buy a Lamborghini, you can earn the Lambo.
  5. Not the Yellow One – To earn Not the Yellow One, become super-rich and buy a submarine.
  6. Titanic Trouble – If you run into trouble on your yacht, you can earn Titanic Trouble achievement in BitLife.

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