DogLife – BitLife Dogs Guide with Tips & Tricks

DogLife: BitLife Dogs is the first spin-off for the famous life simulator BitLife. DogLife was created by Candywriters and released on 1st and 3rd of November, 2021 Android, and iOS respectively.

DogLife is the first dog’s life simulator that allows the players to spend their life virtually as a dog. This game is a unique experience a player can get. We know how rich BitLife is with features. Candywriters have taken care of implementing the same concepts to DogLife. So we can think that DogLife is the BitLife for Dogs.

There are four main types of dog you can be in DogLife.

  1. Street Dog
  2. House Dog (Pet)
  3. Pet Store Dog
  4. Shelter Dog

When you start a new life in DogLife, you will randomly get a dog’s life from one of the above four dog types.


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DogLife Game Play

Starting a new life in DogLife is precisely the same as BitLife. You can go to New Life from the Main Menu of DogLife. If you haven’t purchased any premium feature of the game, you can customize only several attributes of your dog’s life. These are;

  1. Name
  2. Gender
  3. Habitat
  4. Country
  5. Place

But if you purchase a Dog Lover or the Cat Lover package, you can customize the breed of your dog or the cat. But that is a paid premium feature which you need to pay $2 or $3 according to the version you are playing.

Further, if you are buying the Top Dog package, you can even customize the Appearance and Attributes of your Pet life. Top Dog feature of the DogLife is like the God Mode of the BitLife game.

doglife new life

Once you have set all the initial setup, you can start your virtual life as a dog.

The most significant difference in DogLife from BitLife is that you will only age up by three months when you press the Age Up button. Yes! We are getting used to one year age up process in BitLife. But as you are well aware, dogs do not live for several decades. 

So your life as a dog will only age up by three months at one time.

While you spend your life as a dog in DogLife, you will have to make different decisions at various times in your life. You have to think like a dog at that time.

There are five main stats in DogLife, same as BitLife. But the stats are different. The five main stats in DogLife are;

  1. Happiness
  2. Health
  3. Cuteness
  4. Love
  5. Respect

Which are the main characteristics we expect from our household too;

In BitLife, you can see your current wealth in the top right corner of the screen. But as dogs or cats do not pose a wealth in monetary value, we can see the current value of your dog or cat character. If someone wants to buy you, they need to pay that amount to the pet store owner.

doglife main screen

Now let’s see the different types of dogs or cats we can see in DogLife according to the habitat you choose.

Different Habitats in DogLife

We can see four different habitats in DogLife. Street, House, Pet Store, and Shelter are the main four habitats we can find in DogLife.

doglife habitats

House Dog (Pet)

The remarkable thing about the House Dog is that you have to live with other humans and pets in the same house. You can’t choose the owners of yours as you wish. When you are getting a new life with a House habitat, DogLife will give you a random owner.

They might be either friendly owners or cruel owners. You have to live with the owner you get. A House Dog is a typical pet. As a House Dog or Cat, you have to show your love towards your owners and increase your Respect stat.

Even though you had 100% stat in the Respect stat bar, your owners might not give you the love you give them. It depends on the attitude and behavior of your owners.

The main job of the House Pet is to be with your owners, love them, obey them and make them feel loved. Your owners might take you for a walk or a trip. Let them do it will make them increase their love for you as a Pet. Your cuddles will also play a role in this.

But you can play the bad pet role even. You can attack your owner or the other animals in the house, pee on them, or do other nasty things you can perform with them. But keep in mind that you might end up in an animal shelter if you keep acting like a misbehaving pet.

If you ever feel that your owners do not love you and you want to escape the house. For that, you have to play the escape mini-game available in DogLife. If you could escape, either you might have a new and more lovable owner for you, or you might end up as a street dog.

Pet Store Dog

You are born in a cage in a Pet Store, and you only have the employees of the Pet Store to interact. 

Life in a Pet Store is not someone’s dream. You should find a buyer if you want to get out of the pet store life. So you might try your best to convince a buyer to buy you to get free from the Pet Store.

There are several cute things you can perform to the potential buyer to convince them to buy you. Making puppy eyes, playing with stuff, and adorable barking are some of the cure things you can do to attract a potential buyer.

The good thing is you can do these tricks for a potential buyer if you can see a high stat in the friendship bar of the buyer. If not, you can ignore them or even play as the misbehaving pet to them.

Animal Shelter

Life in the Animal shelter is almost the same as living in a Pet store. Rather than a potential buyer, you have to find a potential adopter to adopt you to get free from the shelter. You can do some cute things to get the visitor’s attention to convince them to adopt you.

The main difference in the Animal Shelter is you can start a riot among your fellow animals. The Riot mini-game in DogLife is almost the same as the Riot mini-game in BitLife, which happened in prison. You might end up getting injured at the riot.

Street Dog

Living as a street dog is entirely different from than previous three habitats. You won’t need to deal with other non-playing human characters, and you do not need to obey an owner. 

Living as a street dog is all about ranking up in the dominance hierarchy and becoming the Alpha Male of Alpha Female in your block.

But there can be situations that some random person will come to you and want to adopt you. But it all depends on your reactions. If you react cutely, they might adopt you, but they will reject you if you react badly and cruelly. 

So the decision is up to you. You can stay as a street dog until your death.

One thing you need to be aware of as a street dog is an Animal Catcher. If they catch you, you’ll end up in a shelter. 

In the DogLife game, you will have to play a mini-game when you meet an Animal Catcher. The mini-games result will decide your destiny, and if you can avoid all the obstacles, you can remain as a street dog.

DogLife Character Stats

doglife profile

There are five main stats in DogLife for any life. Those are;

  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Cuteness
  • Love
  • Respect

Happiness and Health stats in DogLife are the same as the Happiness and Health stats in BitLife. If you are not a Top Dog, you’ll get random values when starting a new life in DogLife. 

But if you could purchase the Top Dog premium package, you can change the stats of your new life except for the Love stat.

If you live in a house as a pet, you’ll have the Love stat. But if you are a street dog, you will have the Respect stat. Love shows how strong your relationship with your owners and other pets in the house is. While respect shows how much other animals in your block respect you.

Respect stat is a crucial stat if you are living as a street dog. If you attack another animal in your block and you come out victoriously without any harm for you, you can increase your Respect stat. But the vise-versa also the same.

Higher Respect is crucial if you want to raise your position in the dominance hierarchy and become the Alpha Male or Alpha Female in your block.

The Cuteness stats show how much you are attracted to other humans and animals. The more the Cuteness is, the more you get attracted to others. Cuteness is very important to get loved if you are a House Pet or find a buyer or an adopter if you live in a pet store, animal shelter, or a street.

But there are some hidden stats in DogLife, and you can see those stats if you become a Top Dog.

Those Hidden stats are;

  • Discipline
  • Homosexuality
  • Karma
  • Smart
  • Aggression
  • Willpower

Dominance Hierarchy in DogLife – Become the Alpha

Dominance hierarchy is important for any dog or cat. But it is crucial if you are a street dog. There are no owners for you, and you must earn the love and respect of others. Otherwise, it isn’t easy to live in a shelter or the street.

We can see four positions in the dominance hierarchy. Those are;

  • Alpha Male
  • Alpha Female
  • Omega Male
  • Omega Female

Dominance hierarchy ranks the animals in a particular block according to the Respect stat. The least respected animals will be the Omega male and Omega female. 

But the leader and the highest-ranked animal with the highest respect stat will be the Alpha Male or the Alpha Female.

If you want to climb the dominance hierarchy, you want to increase your respect. The easiest way to increase your Respect stat is to attack other animals in your block. 

If you could injure or kill another animal who ranked above you in the dominance hierarchy, you will gain massive respect from others.

This way, you can increase your Respect stat and climb the dominance hierarchy until you become the Alpha male of the Alpha female.


doglife activities street dog

There are several different activities you can perform as a Dog or a Cat in DogLife. You can see all the activities you can perform in the Activities tab on the main screen of DogLife.

There are different Activities available for different habitats. We can find fewer activities for pets in a house and more activities for a dog in the street.

Tricks in DogLife

There is a special type of Activity we can find which is named Tricks. But you need to wait till you are six months old to unlock this Tricks tab. Because you have to learn these tricks and you must be old enough for that.

When you learn and practice these tricks, you can perform them in front of your owners if you are in a house, or you can perform these tricks in front of the potential buyer or adopters to impress them to adopt or buy you if you are in a shelter or a pet shop.

doglife tricks

Interactions in DogLife

In DogLife, there are several ways to interact with other humans and animals. You can find the activities you can use to interact with a human you choose. Once you select a human, you can see below activities to use to interact with them.

  • Cuddle
  • Lick
  • Nuzzle
  • Sniff
  • Act Sick
  • Attack
  • Hump
  • Lunge
  • Mess
  • Snarl
  • Spend Time
  • Urinate

The last eight activities will only be available once you are nine months old. You should not do these activities to your owners unless you are in trouble.

But make sure that Attack, Lunge, Mess, Snarl, and Urinate should only be made to your enemy or an attacker. 

But there are more activities to interact with animals in DogLife. You can find below activities to interact with an animal.

  • Sniff
  • Lick
  • Nuzzle
  • Play
  • Hiss
  • Seek Attention
  • Submit

The last three actions will be available once you are six months old. Use can use Hiss to intimidate another animal into gaining the respect to climb the hierarchy. 

Submit allows you to surrender to another animal. But using submit will end you as the Omega male or the Omega female in the block.

interaction animal

The Scent Database

As a dog, you can’t maintain a friend list and a contact list. The scent database is the feature DogLife gives for its purpose. You can add an animal to your scent database by picking up the scent from their private areas.

After some time, if you either got a new owner or the other animal got a new owner, and you are no longer in connection, you can go to the scent database and locate your friend. Then DogLife will show you the current status of that animal.

doglife scent database


As DogLife uses the exact formation of BitLife, we can find Achievements in the DogLife gameplay. Currently, there are 61 achievements you can achieve in DogLife. Same as in BitLife, you need to earn one achievement in just one time, and it will add to your achievements list in DogLife.

doglife achievements


We can see Ribbons in DogLife too. But those are not the same Ribbons we can find in BitLife. You have 23 ribbons in DogLife as of now. You will earn a ribbon when you play the game by completing the actions it suggests.

dogllife ribbons

Pet Cemetery

Same as the Cemetery in BitLife, we can see a Pet Cemetery in DogLife. You can see the previous lives you lived until your death as a Dog or Cat in DogLife. You can see a summary of your previous life once you select one from the Pet Cemetery.

doglife pet cemetery

Time Machine

Time Machine is another premium feature in DogLife. Time Machine is available in the Main Activities list, and you can travel back to the time with the time machine. But you have to pay real money to use the time machine. One-time use of the Time Machine will cost you $1 or $2 real money.

time machine doglife


DogLife is the latest edition to the games portfolio of the BitLife developers, CandyWriters. They released DogLife in November 2021 after completing the third anniversary with the successful BitLife life simulator game. 

BitLife gained massive success as a text-based life simulator, so the developers used the same platform to give a different experience to the BitLife players by creating DogLife on the same BitLife platform.

Players can simulate a different life as a dog in DogLife and gain experience of how dogs live in their lives.

You can play different challengers and earn achievements while playing the game, which makes it more exciting.

We will continually guide you through both the BitLife and DogLife from this website.

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