Ultimate Guide to BitLife Ribbons – [Get Them Easily]

Ribbons are the rewards you get for living your life in BitLife. You will get a ribbon for the things or the way you live your life in BitLife. As an example, one of the most common ribbons in BitLife is the “Mediocre” ribbon. You would get this reward if you didn’t do any useful thing in your life. Even when your life ends after keep pressing the Age button, you will get this.

There were only 11 ribbons in BitLife when the game was initially launched. Those were,

Mediocre, Hero, Academic, Lazy, Loaded, Lustful, Wasteful, Unlucky, Fertile, Rich, and Scandalous.

But as of March 2021, there are 40 ribbons, including four secret ribbons you can achieve.

The most important thing in the ribbons is when you are rewarded with a ribbon, and the player will have it forever even though the current life in BitLife ends.

Now let’s see what these 40 ribbons in BitLife are and how to get them. The list is ordered alphabetically.

List of 40 Ribbons in BitLife


academic bitlife ribbon

You will get this ribbon when you complete a postgraduate education. Achieving this Academic ribbon is comparatively easy. You need to study hard in your school and college education. After the university, attend graduate school for postgraduate education. Keeping a higher smartness level is important to achieve this ribbon.


addict bitlife ribbon

To get an Addict ribbon in BitLife, you need to die from addiction. You can get addicted to drugs or alcohol to get this Addict ribbon. Casinos will help you to get these addictions. And make sure not to attend rehab at all. Make sure you have at least two addictions at the time you die. Drug overdose is a good reason to die if you are planning to get an Addict ribbon.

Barbie Girl

barbie girl bitlife ribbon

A girl who gets lots of plastic surgeries will get this ribbon. You need to be a girl or a transgender girl to receive this. And make sure that you get a job with a decent salary, which will be sufficient to facilitate your plastic surgeries. Now you need to get as much as plastic surgeries. Then you will get this Barbie Girl ribbon when you die. When selecting the careers, make sure not to select an acting and singing industry, which will qualify for different ribbons other than this one.

Cat Lady

cat lady bitlife ribbon

You should be a single cat-loving lady to get this ribbon. Make sure you have adopted at least 30 cats within your lifetime. And spend time only with your cat friends. Do not marry if you want to get this ribbon.


cunning bitlife ribbon

You need to prove to the BitLife as you are a cunning person if you want to get this ribbon. The easiest way to prove that is to escape from prison. And then emigrate to another country or change your sex to the opposite sex. Simply, you need to get into prison by doing a crime, then escape from prison, and never get caught again. Then you can get this cunning ribbon in BitLife.


deadly bitlife ribbon

You will receive this Deadly ribbon if you are a murderer. But you need to kill at least five people. If you got caught in jail, you need to escape the jail. Drive-by murderers are the best as you will not go to prison most of the time. But for that, make sure to get the driving license at the appropriate age.

Family Guy

family guy bitlife ribbon

This Family Guy ribbon is one of the most adorable ribbons in BitLife. The basic requirement to get the Family guy ribbon is to become a father. So basically, you need to be a male. And you need to have a single spouse for your whole lifetime. To get the Family Guy ribbon, you need to have at least two kids. Make sure to treat and feed your family. Spend time with them. Give money to them. Using the “Spend time with All” button several times per year will be advantageous if you need to get this Family Guy Ribbon.


famous bitlife ribbon

You will get this ribbon once you become a famous person. When you become a famous person in BitLife, you will see another progress bar called “Fame” with your other progress bard like “Look” and “Smart.” Becoming a famous person in BitLife is not too hard. You can be a movie star or a famous model or a best-selling author in BitLife. Please read our guide on Becoming a Famous person in BitLife.


fertile bitlife ribbon

Someone with lots of children and grandchildren will get this “Fertile” ribbon in BitLife. Your children can be adopted ones. Or by sperm donation. It does not matter. If you do not have any grandchildren, you need to have at least eight children under your name to get this ribbon. The formula to qualify for this fertile ribbon is as below.

Having twins or triplets in BitLife is a great entry point for this ribbon.

Number of children * 2 + Number of grandchildren should be greater than or equal to 15.


generous bitlife ribbon

You will get this generous ribbon if you are a generous person in BitLife. You need to give as much as possible to everyone. You can give your family, friends, enemies, and other relationships. You need to give gifts every year for at least 30 years. Make sure you are educated enough to get a high paying job to afford all the gift you give.


geriatric bitlife ribbon

The BitLife people who live more than 120 years will get this geriatric ribbon. This ribbon can be treated as the second hardest ribbon to achieve. Because living for more than 120 years is a challenging task. To live a longer life, make sure to maintain health and happiness levels at 100% all the time. If you are diagnosed with a disease, go to a doctor and get treatments immediately. Visiting the gym and do meditation frequently will help you to improve your health and happiness. To improve happiness, you can visit cinemas and spend time with your family and friends.

Read our guide to improve your happiness levels in BitLife.


globetrotter bitlife ribbon

You need to be a frequent traveler to get this ribbon in BitLife. You need to visit at least 20 different countries if you need to get this globetrotter ribbon. So make sure you have enough money in your pockets to fulfill your dream.

Gold Digger

gold digger bitlife ribbon

If you could get rich by marrying a rich, you can get this gold digger ribbon. Generally, you need to have an excellent look to marry someone with huge money. When you are 18 years old, use the dating app to find someone rich and old. If you could impress them and marry them, you can be a gold digger after their death or the divorce.


hero bitlife ribbon

If you could save someone’s life, you can be a hero. The hero ribbon will give to someone who saved another life. Generally, you can’t plan your life in BitLife to get this ribbon. If any event occurs to rescue or save someone’s life by intervening in an event, do it. You would get the Hero ribbon even if you died by saving the life of another person.


houdini bitlife ribbon

You need to escape from the prison several times to get this ribbon. You need to escape the prison at least ten times if you need to get this ribbon.

Read this guide to know how to escape from prison in Bitlife.


highroller bitlife ribbon

You will get the Highroller ribbon if you could earn a lot of money from gambling in BitLife. Gambling is prohibited in some countries. So if you need this ribbon, you have to migrate to a rich country or start a new life in a different country in BitLife. To earn a lot of money quickly, you need to place the highest bids.


influencer bitlife ribbon

We have facebook influencers, youtube influencers, and Instagram influencers in the real world. Even in Bitlife, influencers are the same. You need to be a social media influencer to get this influencer ribbon. When you are 13 years old, signup for all the possible social media accounts. Post in these accounts as much as possible and grow your fan base. You can even buy the followers to increase your fan base. If you have several hundred thousand followers, you can become a social media influencer.


jailbird bitlife ribbon

If you can live most of your life in prison will enable this ribbon for you. But you need to escape the prison at least once. And then go back to prison again. Then spend most of your life inside the jail.


lazy bitlife ribbon

This Lazy ribbon is one of the easiest ribbons to get. You will receive this ribbon if you do not do any work in your life other than just aging. Just press the Age button until you die. But make sure to maintain your smart levels above the 10% levels to prevent you from getting the Stupid ribbon.


loaded bitlife ribbon

If you die as a millionaire, you’d probably get this ribbon. For that, you need at least $20 million net worth at the time you die to get this “Loaded ribbon” in BitLife. So if you plan to get this ribbon, you need to start earning money as early as possible.


lustful bitlife ribbon

You need to have lots of lovers in your life to get this ribbon in BitLife. Get at least 20 sexual partners for your life while preventing STD. That is the essential requirement to get this Lustful ribbon in BitLife.


mediocre bitlife ribbon

This ribbon in Bitlife, awarding to the people who have a very ordinary life. This ribbon is almost the same as the Lazy ribbon. You need to do the most very little meaningful work in which you need to get this. Otherwise, you will get the Lazy ribbon.


monopoly bitlife ribbon

To get the Monopoly ribbon, you need to buy and sell houses. You need to flip at least ten houses and make at least $10 million profit to get this ribbon. You can buy haunted houses and sell them after renovating to earn a good profit from this deal. Having a house for five years before selling it would increase the profit by a good ratio.


mooch bitlife ribbon

If you receive this ribbon, it says that you are a selfish person. You have not given anything to anyone. You were asking things from others. To get this Mooch ribbon, you have to ask for money from the people in your relationships list. You have to do this at least ten times. And the other important thing is that you should not give money to anyone.

Movie Buff

movie buff bitlife ribbon

You can get the Movie Buff ribbon if you visit the theaters frequently. You need to visit different movies at least 20 times in your lifetime. You can get this movie buff ribbon in BitLife.


rich bitlife ribbon

Getting the Rich ribbon is straightforward. You need to be rich in BitLife to get this ribbon. You need to have at least 2.5 million and a maximum of 20 million when you die. Then you will get this rich ribbon in BitLife.


rowdy bitlife ribbon

You should be a party-holic to get this rowdy ribbon in BitLife. And go clubbing as much as possible. Involve in alcohol and drugs. Accept every offer when clubbing and party. Argue back if someone involves in an argument. But never hit or kill them. This way, you can achieve the rowdy ribbon in BitLife.


scandalous bitlife ribbon

This ribbon in BitLife will give to mild criminals. You should not be a murderer. But do lots of criminal activities and spending at least five years in prison will help you get this ribbon.


stupid bitlife ribbon

You should be a stupid person to get this ribbon. Having low smart levels and low educational qualifications will help you to get this stupid ribbon in BitLife. And making bad decisions when an event occurs in the gameplay will also help you get this ribbon.


successful bitlife ribbon

Living a balanced life will qualify you for this Successful ribbon. You need to have at least $250000 net worth at the time you die. Make sure you are not insanely rich as you will qualify for another ribbon, such as a Rich ribbon other than a Successful ribbon. And live for at least years without going to prison are two critical factors for this. When living your life, make sure to increase your Karma by doing all the good work you can do. Eventually, this life will qualify you for the Successful ribbon in BitLife.


tarzan bitlife ribbon

Unfortunately, you need to get the Bitizenship to get this ribbon. Because you should have access to an Exotic Pet dealer, you should buy and pet at least 20 exotic pets you bought from an exotic pet dealer to qualify for this Tarzan ribbon in BitLife.


thief bitlife ribbon

Become a thief in BitLife to get this ribbon. You should steal frequently. The total number of thefts should be at least 10, including one car theft, one burgle one house and one pickpocketing. If you got caught by the police, make sure to escape at least once and less than ten times because otherwise, you will qualify for either Scandalous or Houdini ribbons.


unlucky bitlife ribbon

This ribbon is hard to get in BitLife. You need to die at your younger ages to qualify for this. So you can’t plan your game for this unlucky ribbon. You can die young from acute disease or a terrorist attack.


veteran bitlife ribbon

If you could serve the military until your retirement at age 62 and get promoted to a higher ranking, you can get this Veteran ribbon in BitLife. But make sure not to die in the military it will give you the Hero ribbon instead.


wasteful bitlife ribbon

This ribbon is the easiest ribbon to get in BitLife. You will get this ribbon if you fall short of your potential in your life. If you commit suicide, you will get this ribbon. So quickly go to the activities tab and select Surrender from the list. That is how you get this Wasteful ribbon in BitLife.

Read our guide to delete a life from BitLife if you don’t want to have a wasteful life in your history.


wicked bitlife ribbon

Having a Wicked ribbon in BitLife means he does not have any mercy to anyone. The character is very cruel to others. Do not commit any crimes if you need to get this ribbon. Instead, do other cruel things like spreading STD to other people and abandon your children.

Secret Ribbons in BitLife

Model Bitizen, Teammate, Bandit, and BigBoss are the secret ribbons in BitLife. We have detailed them below.

Model Bitizen

model bitizen bitlife ribbon

Model Bitizen is the perfect example a character could live in BitLife. It is extremely hard to get this Model Bitizen ribbon in BitLife. You need to be perfect in every way. You should never get in trouble and never go into a prison in your life. Make sure to fulfill the below requirements if you need to qualify for this ribbon.

  • You should have at least 50000 net worth
  • Spend time with your family frequently
  • Increase your Karma by complementing other people
  • Give to other people
  • Choose the right option if any event offers
  • Do not get into troubles
  • Always do only the good things


teammate bitlife ribbon

You should become an app developer with BitLife to get this ribbon. Also, your born city should be Miami or Tucson in the USA. And you have to complete your education with a major in Computer Science. You can be an app developer or a tester for your profession to get this Teammate ribbon in BitLife.


bandit bitlife ribbon

To achieve this Bandit ribbon in BitLife, you need to rob a train at the exact time. The timing must be either 12 pm, 4.20 pm, or at Midnight. All the times are in real-time. If you could rob the train in one of these times, you can earn this Bandit ribbon in BitLife. But if you try to change your device time to obtain the ribbon, your character will be dead in the game.

Read our guide on How to Rob a Train in BitLife to see how you can rob a train in the BitLife simulated world.

Big Boss

big boss bitlife ribbon

You have to be at the top position of your corporate career at the time you retire. Start your education with a major in Mathematics. Then go to the business school after university. Find a corporate job. Then work hard every year to get promotions and eventually become the CEO of a company. Now you will be qualified for the Big Boss ribbon in BitLife.

Read our guide on How to Become a CEO in BitLife here.


We have explained all 40 ribbons in BitLife and how to get these ribbons in the BitLife game. Including the four hidden secret ribbons in BitLife. Enjoy the BitLife game by installing it on your PC or mobile.

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