Become a Famous Writer and Author in BitLife + Video Guide

Becoming a famous person in your lifetime is a great thing someone can achieve. But it is not a simple task. You should dedicate most of the years of your life to become famous in your field. This concept is the same for the BitLife too. You can become famous in BitLife, but you have to stick to a plan for several decades.

You can be a famous writer or author in BitLife. But for that, you need to fulfill several requirements. Mainly you need to work as a writer for several years. To become a writer in BitLife, you should have a University degree with a major in English and 100% smartness. That is the most challenging step for your journey to becoming a famous writer or famous author in BitLife.

Further, let’s see how you can become a writer in BitLife in more detail, gain the Famous Ribbon, and maintain your Fame as a famous Author. Lastly, let’s discuss how to earn wealth as a famous writer in BitLife.

Become a Famous Writer BitLife

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How to Become a Writer in BitLife?

famous writer bitlife

Your smartness is the most crucial factor in your journey of becoming a writer in BitLife. If your born smartness is more than 80%, it will be a massive advantage for your target.

Hint: You can keep getting a new life until you get an infant life with 80+ smartness.

Now spend a normal infant life until you go to school. When you are at school, always study hard and visit the library every year to increase your smart levels. When you graduate from high school, select a university degree with “English” as your major.

bitlife university english

As now you are smart enough, you can apply for a full scholarship, and you will most probably receive a full scholarship. So you do not need to spend a dime for your university degree, which will be free for you.

To become a writer in BitLife, you need to keep your smart level at 100% when you graduate from the University with a major in English. For that, always study hard and visit the library every year. Make sure that you have reached the 100% smart level at the graduation from the University.

study hard bitlife

After graduation, BitLife will ask you to select whether you are going for higher studies or look for a job. Apart from that, you can choose that you are not going to do both of them and take several years off. But this is not for us as we are going to be a famous writer one day.

You must select that you are looking for a job. In the jobs list, you can choose Writer (Publisher) as your job.

bitlife writer job

At the interview, BitLife will ask a general interview question, which will be easy for you. If the interview went well, the company would hire you to the post of a writer for the vacancy.

bitlife writer

Congratulations! You have completed the hardest and longest part of your journey to becoming a famous writer in BitLife.

How to Become a Famous Writer in BitLife?

Now the hardest part is done. You just have to work hard in your job as a writer for your employer. After working as a writer for seven to eight years, you will become a famous writer and gain the famous ribbon if you maintain your smart level at 90+ level and work hard every year.

Even though you are a famous writer now, your Fame level would be less than fifty levels. You can monitor your level of Fame in the new status bar called Fame.

Now you have to increase and maintain your Fame as a famous writer.

Maintaining your Fame as a Writer

With the new Famous status, you can see a new type of activity showing in your activities tab named Fame Activities. You can do these fame activities to manage your Fame. You can see four activities under this fame activities tab.

Those are;

  1. Write a book
  2. Do a TV Commercial
  3. Photo Shoot
  4. Talk Show
fame activities bitlife

For the Photoshoot and Talk show, you need to have a minimum of 50% in your fame level. The easiest way to gain a boost in your Fame is to write a book. But to publish a book, you should have enough capital in your hand. If your bank balance is not enough to cover your publisher’s expenses, you need to work a few more years in your job as a writer or work some freelance gigs.

 write books bitlife

When you collect enough capital, make sure to publish a new book, which will help you increase your fame level. Do TV Commercials and Talk Shows when they are available or offered to you because you need to increase your level of Fame as much as possible.

Maintaining a few active Social media profiles under your name is also an essential task for a famous writer. Posting two-three Facebook and Instagram posts per year will continuously increase the number of followers in your social media profiles, and it will help you to increase your Fame.

Make sure to write books, do TV commercials and Photoshoots and participate in Talk Shows as much as possible every year to increase your Fame as high as possible.

Increase your Wealth by Becoming a Famous Author

famous author bitlife

When you are gaining Fame, money and wealth come with it. Year by year, when you increase your Fame, your employer will increase your salary. As a famous writer, you have more and much better options to gain wealth other than your salary.

As you are a reputed and famous writer, you can write books. One book can make you a multi-millionaire if it becomes a bestseller. So keep writing books as much as you are allowed. BitLife will enable you to publish books once for a few years.

bitlife author book

The next method to gain wealth as a famous writer in BitLife is to do TV commercials. As you are a famous person in society, advertising companies will offer you a good amount of money to do TV commercials. Acting on TV commercials is one of the most natural methods to earn a good amount of money as a famous writer in BitLife.

tv commercial bitlife

Next, you can do photoshoots to earn good money. The offers you receive will not be much attractive, and you will not get many chances as you are a writer. Actors and models will be the targeted celebrities for this category.

talkshow bitlife

The next fame activity to earn money for a famous author is to attend in Talk Shows. You will get invitations for Talk Shows, which will offer you the right amount of money.

But among the above four fame activities, only a bestseller book will be able to make you a fortune.

Apart from the above four wealth making activities, there is one method to earn money for a famous person. If you have social media profiles with a significant number of followers, you can be a Social Media Influencer. You can promote other products and services on your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media profiles among your followers and the product companies will pay you a good amount.

fb offer bitlife


In your journey of becoming a famous writer in BitLife, becoming a writer is the hardest part. You have to gain 100% smartness when you are graduating from the University with a major in “English.” It will take 20-22 years in your lifetime in BitLife for this process. You need to stick to your plan and working with discipline over these 2 decades.

Once you get a job as a writer, you need to work hard every year to become famous. You will have to work hard for another 8 to 10 years in your writer job till you get famous and win the “Famous” Ribbon in BitLife. So all it takes three decades in your life to become a famous writer in BitLife.

For that dedication you given for the three decades to become a famous writer, you can earn a good wealth because of the Fame you gained. There are several legit money-making activities for a famous writer given by the BitLife. But writing a bestseller book will only can make you a multi-millionaire.

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