9 Tips to Become Smarter in BitLife

Smartness is a vital skill that any person should improve in this current society. Even in a Life Simulation game like BitLife, you need to be smart to achieve some exceptional life levels. Some occupations must have a 100% smartness level in the BitLife to apply, ex: Writer. Improving your Smartness in BitLife is not rocket science. You act like you are in real life, and you need to enhance your Smartness in your life.

Here nine actions will help you to become smarter in BitLife.

  • Born Smartness is an Advantage
  • Start Early
  • Get highest Education Possible
  • Study Hard
  • Visit Library Frequently
  • Read Books
  • Join Relevant Clubs
  • Avoid Drugs and Alcohol
  • Do not act silly and reckless

Let’s discuss each tip in detail.

how to become smarter in bitlife

Born Smartness is an Advantage.

We all know that no one born with no-brain to the world. Even in BitLife, you gain some level of Smartness with your birth. Some might be born with lower Smartness. But some might be born with an 80+ smartness level. If you are born with a higher smartness level, it is an excellent advantage for you. You just have to improve and maintain to fill a smaller gap of Smartness. But do not disappoint. Even though your new life is born with a low smart level, you can work hard and improve it. Please continue reading this post to find it how.

Hint: You can try a new life until you get a higher level of Smartness for the newborn.

Start Early

Improving your Smartness is a continuous process, and you should start it as early as possible. Your means of becoming smarter should begin at your school age. If you stay until adulthood to become smarter, it will be difficult for you to achieve the maximum level. Generally, if you start the smartness improvement process, you will graduate from University with maximum Smartness. So start to become smart as early as possible.

Get the Highest Education Possible.

Education is the key to higher Smartness in BitLife. Getting the highest education level is a necessity to become smarter. If you can study for a Ph.D., it would be great. At least you should complete your University education to become smarter in BitLife. 

Hint: If you want to start a career soon, stop your education after the University level. But make sure to study hard at the University.

Study Hard

You won’t improve your Smartness significantly if you just pass years in the University and just graduated. Even in the real world, you have to commit to gain something. If you aim to become smarter while getting the degree, you need to study hard every year in BitLife. 

Make sure in all the years you spend on your education, select Study Hard to become smarter in BitLife. That will speed up your maximum Smartness.

study hard bitlife

Visit Library Frequently

Utilizing the library is another critical factor for the improvement of Smartness in BitLife. You should keep visiting the library every year when you are going to College and the University to become smarter.

Read Books

“Reading makes a man perfect”

Sir Francis Bacon

Above is an old proverb, which is a timeless truth. The more you read, your mind will develop. The more your mind developed, the more you will be smart. So reading books more often is another crucial point to become smarter in BitLife. Try to read at least one book per year in BitLife. That will help you to become smarter sooner than others.

Join Relevant Clubs

Your Smartness not only depends on education and only by working hard on your studies. It depends on the extra activities you join. College and the University are the two best places to do extra activities apart from your formal education. So make sure to enter at least one relevant club in your college. Spend several hours per week for these clubs including sports, which will eventually help you a lot. 

Chess Club is the most suitable club as your target is to become smarter in BitLife. Apart from the Chess Club, you can join the book club or the Math Club. But make sure to spend time in these clubs every year in your College and the University.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and Alcohol can ruin your life even in BitLife. If you get addicted to Drugs and Alcohol, even though you had a 100% smart level, you’ll end up at a lower smart level. Avoiding Drugs and Alcohol will not improve your Smartness significantly. But avoiding them will prevent decreasing your smart levels.

Do not act silly and Reckless.

BitLife will create random incidents where you need to act smart and intelligent. If your action is not smart enough, BitLife will reduce the smart levels. Make sure that every time you play the game, be conscious, and act smartly for all the situations. This situation is the same for your real life. Your consciousness and Smartness needed for every situation you face. 

Smartness is not a born gift either in the real world or in BitLife. Some lives get a good smart level when they born. If your parents are smart enough, you will inherit some smartness from your parent at your birth. But if you do not act accordingly, you will lose all the Smartness you gain even in your childhood. 

You do not need to disappoint if your born smart levels are low. You can improve them to the maximum levels if you work towards a goal for a few years in BitLife. If you follow the above mentioned nine actions correctly, you will end up with the maximum smart levels soon than the others.

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