Become a Professional Athlete in Bitlife – With Tips & Tricks

BitLife is a revolutionary app that allows players to train themselves to become professional athletes. And the best part is, they can get paid for it! You can become whoever you want and do whatever you want. The life of an athlete has never been so great and easy with BitLife!

To become a professional athlete in BitLife, you need to start young. Work on improving your body. Gyms will help you with this. Start a sport in your high school and continue it in the university. After graduation, join a professional team to have a sports career in BitLife.

The journey to becoming a professional athlete in BitLife, like in real life, is long and difficult. This guide will show you the necessary steps, tricks, and tips to help you become a professional athlete in BitLife.

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Childhood of a Professional Athlete in BitLife

To pursue a professional sports career in the BitLife League, you need to start your life in the United States. All of the teams in this league are located there, and it’ll be easier that way when starting your player’s life. But if you want to be born in another country, you can emigrate to the USA later.

As you want to become a professional sportsperson in BitLife, it’s crucial to prepare your body early. After your initial childhood age, take martial arts classes and start visiting the gym frequently.

You can start visiting martial arts classes at age 8. But you need to wait till 12 years old to visit the gym as it is the minimum age allowed to visit the gym in BitLife.

You need to do martial arts till you get all the belts achievable. The other thing you can do at an early age has walk frequently. Try to record a faster pace when you walk.

How do You Get High Athleticism in BitLife?

When you visit the gym and practice martial arts frequently when you are young, you can start making your body for a professional sports career. These steps will help you to improve your athleticism stat to a higher level. This stat is hidden until you join a team. But higher athleticism stat is an essential requirement for you to join a team.

High School Career of a Professional Sportsperson

Keep working on improving your athleticism levels until you’re in high school. Once you’re prompted to join a club team, the app will show you how high up your athleticism is. If it is past the 50% mark, you can easily join a team – if it’s not, that’s okay! You can still try out for the team.

Sign up for a school sports team when you start your freshman year in high school. Sometimes competition to join a team is high, and you need to have extraordinary levels of athleticism. In some cases, if you don’t have a lot of athleticism, it can be challenging to join the team.

Select a Sports for a Professional Career

All the sports available in BitLife are not available for a professional career. So You choose your sport wisely in the first year of high school. Because the sports you choose should make you a professional athlete in BitLife, mostly below listed sports can be considered the highest paying sports in BitLife.

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer

You can select any sports from the above list. But continuously improve and change your athleticism levels by selecting the Practise Hard menu item in the Activities tab in the BitLife app. 

Continue visiting the gym to maintain your body and health. Practice hard so that you can be the captain of your school team.

Apply for a University

Now you need to apply and enroll in a university. Once you are in the university, join the university sports team and practice hard every year in your BitLife life. You need to be promoted as the captain of your university team before you graduate. That will increase your chances of joining a professional team.

You may have been drafted to a professional team following your final season in college, but only if you played well in your university team and held responsibilities as the university captain.

If you weren’t get drafted at the university, you still could apply for a team. There is a list of professional teams you can apply to in the Jobs Section of the BitLife app. Apply for your favorite team. You will have a higher chance of getting selected with your performances.

professional athlete in bitlife

Continue as Professional Athlete in BitLife

Congratulations! Now you are a professional athlete in BitLife. When you become a pro athlete, the BitLife app will add the fame stat to your character. That means you have become a famous person in BitLife. You can work to improve the fame you just gained.

But don’t give up working on your game and the body. Visit the gym every year and continue working on your diet to improve your skills and athleticism.

With dedication, you can become one of the greats ever to play your sport. The ‘Greatness’ stat reflects this in the BitLife, which will increase as long as you keep playing and stay committed.

Your initial greatness level will be low, and you need to increase it with your career. Try to challenge your body with strength, balance, cardio, & flexibility training & practice as much as possible to increase your levels.

When you have higher greatness levels, you can move to different clubs with higher pay.

Once you become a professional athlete in BitLife, you can be rich and ultimately become a billionaire in BitLife with the fame you gain through your sports career.

Tips & Tricks to Become a Professional Sportsman in BitLife

  1. You will try several times to achieve all of this and make a professional career in BitLife. If you are lucky, you can be a professional athlete in one try. But generally, you’ll need to try several lives in BifLife.
  2. You should get selected to the high school sports team to pursue a sports career in BitLife. If you couldn’t join the team, abandon your current life and start a new life in BitLife.
  3. A higher athleticism level is a must for a sports career. So you need to work hard on your childhood to level up your athleticism stats.

FAQ on Sports Careers in BitLife

Can You Have a Sports Career in BitLife?

Players of BitLife can have a sports career in BitLife. But the selections of sports they can play for a career are limited. Players can have a sports career in Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, Hockey, and Football. 

Please read our guide to know more about the sports careers in BitLife.

How to Become a Basketball Player in Bitlife?

To become a basketball player in BitLife, we recommend spending time on your body and improving athleticism by working out and practicing martial arts. Then play basketball at high school and the university team with higher athleticism and be the university team’s captain. Then you can get drafted with a professional basketball team at the time you graduate.

How to Become a Soccer Player in Bitlife?

Start your life by working on your body and health. Then at the high school and university, join the soccer team and perform well. Then you can become a soccer player in BitLife once you graduate and join a soccer team.

How to Be a Rugby Player in Bitlife?

You need to join a Rugby team to become a professional rugby player in BitLife. You should have played well in your high school and university rugby teams to join a pro team.

Can you become a runner in BitLife?

Running is not a professional sport in BitLife. So you can not be a professional runner in BitLife.

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