Emigration Guide for BitLife

If you are born in a third world country, emigrating to a rich country might be your dream. Emigrate to a developed country is one of the most difficult tasks someone can achieve. But in the BitLife emigration process is not that difficult. 

In BitLife, you can’t change the city you live. You only can emigrate to another Country.

Let’s see how you can change your country in BitLife.

bitlife emigration guide

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Qualifications to emigrate to another country

Now let’s see what are the basic qualifications and requirements in BitLife to emigrate to another country. If you have below qualifications, you can even migrate to the US in the BitLife game.

Minimum Age

The basic requirement in BitLife to become eligible to emigrate to another country on your own is to become 18 years old. Even though you are not 18 years old, but your parents decided to move to another country, you can emigrate with them. But you can’t relocate on your own.


You should be a High School graduate if you need to emigrate to another country. High School is the minimum education requirement to move into another country in BitLife. But you can have any education qualification higher than the high school to apply for emigration. 


The process of migrating to another country in BitLife involves some cost. So you need to earn some money in BitLife and have some savings when you apply for the emigration process. Generally, it would cost about 3000$. You can easily make this money while studying at high school by working as a freelance tutor.

Clean History

Even though you can apply to emigrate after you become 18 years old, your history should be clean, and no criminal records under your name is a must to accept your application by the other country. If you have any criminal record, the other country will completely reject your emigrating application in BitLife.

The other government might reject your application if you have served in the military for the country you are leaving.

So if you have a plan to emigrate in your life in the BitLife, make sure to maintain good behavior throughout your life at least until you relocate to your desired country. And make sure that not to enlist in the military if you plan to emigrate to another country.

Process of Emigration

After you are eligible to emigrate to another country in the BitLife game, a new activity named “Emigrate” would be enabled in your activities tab in the BitLife app. 

bitlife emigrate

When selecting that activity, it will pop up a window that allows you to choose a country to emigrate.

bitlife select emigrate country

Now you have to select a country and press the Request Approval button.

If the other country’s government rejected your application, it would show you a rejection message.

If they approved your application, it would show you the cost you need to pay for the emigration process. Now you have two options.

bitlife emigrate approved

You can either reject the option or pay the amount they ask and move to that country. As you planed until this to emigrate, you can press the Emigrate button.

bitlife emigrate success

Congratulations! Now you have moved to your dream country of the BitLife game.

Life After the Emigration

Generally, this is the toughest period in someone’s life; who just emigrated to another country. You need to start everything from the beginning.

When you emigrate to another country, you have to leave your job and leave your family and your loved ones. 

The education and professional qualifications and experience you gained will be the most vital things in this period.

You have to get a new job in the country you just emigrated. (Read our BitLife jobs guide for more information)

And you can see another change in the BitLife game interface now. When you go to the relationships tab and select one of your loved one’s profile, you can see a tab name “Visit Him (Her).” This tab is named as “Spend Time with them” before you leave your country. Now, as you are in a different country, you have to visit them.


In BitLife – Life simulation game, emigration to another country is not a tough task like in the real world. But you need to adhere to certain rules if you want to emigrate to another country. The basic requirement in BitLife for emigration is, you should be 18 years old while having graduated from high school. And you should not have any criminal records. To cover the expenses of the migration process, you should have enough money.

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