Richest and Poorest Countries in BitLife

Currently, there are about 90 countries in the BitLife world. But not all countries are the same. Even in the real world, every country has its own rules set and economy. Not every country is the same in its economy. Some countries are poor, while some are very rich in their economy.

We have specific measurements like GDP to measure the economy of the countries in the real world. So we can distinguish between the rich and the poor countries easily. But in BitLife, we don’t have specific measurements, and it is difficult to identify exactly rich and poor countries. But by experience, we can identify some countries which are rich and poor.

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Richest Countries in BitLife

Monaco, Saudi Arabia, and the USA are the richest countries in the BitLife world. Each country has its own specialties. While Saudi Arabia does not have an income tax for its citizens, Monaco is a good tax shelter. But the cost of living is higher than most of the other countries. But you have lots of opportunities for your character if your character lives in the USA.

Poorest Countries in BitLife

Even in BitLife globe, we can identify poor countries as well. As usual, the African countries are the poorest in the BitLife world. Among all the BitLife countries, we can identify DR Congo as the poorest country in the BitLife world. If your character is born in DR Congo, you will face a hard time while developing your character. But it would help if you played that game in BitLife to understand the people’s feelings in the poor African countries. But we do not have statistics like GDP to prove that Congo is the poorest country in the BitLife.

Lifestyle in BitLife Congo as the Poorest Country

If your character is born in Congo, your character will have to face several issues as the poorest country citizen. He or She will have to see their loved ones dying at their younger ages. Even the character will face death at 50-60 years of age. The life expectancy is very low for those countries. Generally, People will not live for more than 60 years. STD and other diseases like chickenpox are too common in these countries. So you need to work to improve the health of your character and get rid of bad habits. Even drugs are common in these countries. Easily your character will addict to them.

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BitLife game is all about getting real-world life experiences in the simulated game. So it is important to get all kinds of experience. When playing the BitLife game, you can experience your life if you were born in one of the richest countries in the world, or one of the poorest countries in the world. You might feel that it is easy to get rich in BitLife, if you born in a rich country.

It is important to simulate your life in both countries as you need to understand the real-world difference faced by the citizens of poor countries. You will understand how they lost their lives and the lives of their loved ones in their younger ages. And how their life goes on.

So try two game plays with citizens of Congo and USA and understand the difference.

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