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Aging is the eternal truth for every human. Even in Life simulation games like BitLife, you will have to face to aging. The BitLife game completely depends on the Age button at the bottom of the screen. Every time you click the Age button, your age will increment, and some incidents will happen in your life according to your age. If you live well, you can expect a long life in the BitLife world.

In BitLife, there is no exact number that the maximum age you can live. We can assume that 80 years is the average a BitLife character can live. But some people lived more than 120 years old in the BitLife game. If you live and happy and healthy life, you can expect to live more than 100 years in BitLife.

Now, Let’s see several ways a character’s life can end in BitLife, and tips to live a longer life in the below paragraphs.

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7 Ways to Lose Your Life in BitLife

7 Ways to lose your life in bitlife

Old Age

You can die from complications that occurred in your old age. Old age complications are the most common way to die in the BitLife game. This death can happen at any time after you pass the 70 years mark in your life in BitLife. But if you have a healthy life, you can live even 120 years in BitLife.


Players can commit suicide at any point in the game. Surrendering is the only way a newborn baby could die. The newborn baby can surrender his life in BitLife, but it is not practical in the real world. If you surrender your life, you will receive the Wasteful ribbon as you have wasted your precious life by committing suicide.

You can find Surrender in the bottom of the Activities tab.


You could die from illness if you do not treat your disease properly. At any time, you can have an illness. Some diseases are easily curable by visiting a proper doctor. But some illnesses are not treatable. Even if you had a curable disease, but you did not bother to visit a doctor and get treatments, you will end up dying at a younger age.

Read our guide to get rid of Anxiety in BitLife.

Murder or Assault

Players can get murdered in the BitLife game. Characters can die by assaulting by a weapon. Some assaults are not deadly, but the Character can get injured.

Terrorist Attacks

If the Character lives in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other poor country in which terrorism is a common thing, it has a random chance of dying by a terrorist attack. If the Character dies at a younger age, you will receive the Unlucky ribbon as you didn’t have much time to do things with your Character.

Failed Murders

If the Character tried to murder someone and the murder didn’t succeed, he could die from the person who wanted to kill.

Failed Rescue

If the Character got a chance to rescue someone, but if he failed, there is a possibility to die him from that rescue mission. If he died by trying to save someone, he would get the Hero ribbon.

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How to live a long life on BitLife

Living a Long life is the target for most of the humans in the world. Even in BitLife, players like if their characters live a longer life. Living a longer life in BitLife is possible. But for that, you need to have a fulfilled life through health and happiness.

To live a longer life, you must pay your attention to the four bars which show the status of your Character: those four bars and Health, Happiness, Looks, and Smartness. But more significantly, you should pay your attention to the Health and Happiness levels of your Character in BitLife.

How to live a long life on BitLife

Improving your Health

Improving your health is a key factor if you want to live a longer life in BitLife. If you have a sudden illness, you should need a doctor as soon as possible to get proper treatments. Frequent medical checks are good to have to improve your health. Alternative doctors are good for your health.

Regular visits to the gym are a must if you want to live a longer life in BitLife. Proper and regular exercises in the gym will improve your health. Having walks regularly also will improve your health in BitLife.

Having too much alcohol and drugs will drastically reduce your health levels. So you need to avoid them to maintain your maximum health levels.

You must maintain maximum health levels if you want to live a longer life for more than 100 years in BitLife. If you are a sick and weak person, you won’t live a longer life. 

Improving your Happiness

Happiness is a key factor for long healthy life. You need to maintain the maximum Happiness levels oof your Character if you need to live a longer life in BitLife.

To improve happiness, your Character can spend time with his family and loved ones. Spending time with our family is an important thing as it increases our happiness and the Karma levels. Have conversations with them, go to movies with them, and give gifts to them. Ultimately, these points will make you happy and will improve your happiness levels.

Having vacations every year is important to improve your happiness levels. It will reduce your stress levels and improve your happiness levels.

Reading books, visiting the library, and meditation will not only improve your smartness. But they will heavily impact on you to improve your happiness levels.

Visiting gym regularly and having regular walks also will improve your happiness levels while improving your health. So those are important in both ways.

Having a maximum level in your Happiness score is very important if you are planning to live a long life in BitLife.

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Other Factors

Above mentioned, higher levels of health and happiness would help you to live a longer life. But to live a longer life, you need to avoid mistakes, which can cause sudden accidents and deaths.

So you need to live according to the rules of the country. Do not try to do illegal things that might end you at the prison. Do not involve in crimes and drugs. They will indirectly reduce your life expectancy in the BitLife. 

Joining the military will cause sudden accidents and deaths. So if you are planning to have a longer life for your BitLife Character, do not enroll in the military.


Living a longer life in BitLife is possible. At least you can live 100 years if you live a healthy and happy life throughout your life in the BitLife game. So always make sure to do things which will improve your health and happiness levels.

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