Karma in BitLife – Everything You Need to Know

It can be a little daunting for most players to understand what Karma does in BitLife. As a hidden stat, the significance of this stat is not always clearly understood by the players. Players in Bitlife can’t see Karma when they’re alive, but when they die, the value of their Karma is revealed.

Karma in BitLife is the measurement of the good and bad things you are doing in your current life. Doing good things will improve Karma and bad things will decrease Karma. If you continuously do good things in your life, more good will come to your life.

Now, let’s discuss how we can improve our Karma and what are things to avoid to reduce Karma in BitLife.

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Karma is a word derived from Buddhism. The good and the bad you did in your life will reflect through Karma. Buddhist believe in life after death, so most of the Karma will affect your next life.

If you did good things and improved your Karma in the right way, you will have a better life in the next birth. But if you did bad things and your Karma is a lot negative, you will have a bad time next. The concept is mostly the same for Karma in the BitLife game.

karma in BitLife

Ways to improve Karma in BitLife

  • Adopting
  • Apologizing
  • Giving money to your family
  • Giving money to the needy
  • Giving gifts and cars to people
  • Meditation
  • Working on your Mind & Body
  • Complementing and wishing people good
  • Donating your Assets and being generous
  • Giving gifts and spending with your loved ones
  • Helping people
  • Donating Heirlooms
  • Serving the Military
  • Do good things for your friends. Ex: report them when they are dealing with drugs
  • Saving life
  • Calling police

If you do all the right and good things like mentioned in the above list, you could improve your Karma levels to a higher value. And meanwhile, you will see some good things happening in your life in the BitLife. It is the impact of the Karma you gained.

meditate bitlife

Ways to decrease Karma

  • Crime
  • Insulting
  • Assaulting
  • Arguing and Cheating
  • Abuse
  • Trying drugs
  • Going to Prison
  • Skipping a funeral
  • STD
  • Ignore a life in danger
  • Ignore friends in danger

The above things will decrease your Karma in Bitlife significantly. Only anything you can identify as a bad thing will decrease your Karma in BitLife. When you lose your Karma levels, you will attract more bad things in your life.

Check your Karma

You can’t check your Karma in real life. It is something invisible to the human. Even in BitLife, Karma is invisible to the player most of the time in the game. In the previous versions of BitLife, you could see your Karma after the death of your life. But now, in the latest release of the game, it is not showing either.

The only place you can see your BitLife Karma level is the pop up you would see after you meditate. But you can’t see Karma every time a meditation results popped up. Only sometimes BitLife will show you the Karma BitLife you have currently. It is a random thing, and you can’t predict that you can see your Karma after meditation.

But you might notice that you had an excellent karma level if you see some unexpected luck in your life. As an example, you might win a giant lottery as you had an excellent karma level in your life.

bitlife lottery win

Impact of Karma in BitLife

Now you might wonder what does Karma does in BitLife? If you could maintain better Karma levels throughout your lifetime, you will see more good things. You would get promotions in your job if you did all well in your life.

Sometimes you will receive unexpected fortunes as lottery wins in your life if you have a higher level of BitLife Karma. But it is not a rule. You will not win a lottery every time you maintain a higher level of Karma, but your Karma levels can positively increase the chances of winning a lottery jackpot. That will make you a BitLife rich person overnight.

This impact is the same as the other way round. You will face more negative things in your life if you keep reducing your Karma levels. If you committed a crime, you would have to go to prison.

Both of these incidents will reduce your Karma, and if you didn’t have a better Karma level before you do the crime, you would face a much worse situation. Sometimes you will not get a chance to appeal even.

Karma for Next Life

Yet, no one has officially stated anything regarding how the Karma you gained through your current life can impact your next birth. It may have or may not have any impact on Karma. But we do not know. So it is better always to keep a higher level of Karma in your life. Having a better Karma level will improve the quality of your current life without a doubt.

Karma: Is it a must?

Even though you do not give your attention to Karma when you are playing BitLife, you can still play a good game. It is like living your real life without thinking about the next life. 

You will still get punished if you commit a crime. But you won’t see any link between the two isolated things happening in your life. 

In BitLife, one day, you might insult your friend or a family member. But after several years you might face a negative situation which you didn’t expect at all. 

That situation might be an illness or an accident. But you will not see any direct link between those two incidents, and you can live your life after that. 

But according to the theory of Karma, there can be a link between them. The adverse situation will be the BitLife reaction to you for the lousy action you made several years ago.

In your life in BitLife, you might donate and give money to someone who is needed. You won’t think about that later. But sometimes, after several years, you might win a massive jackpot on your first attempt. 

In this situation also you might not see any direct link in those two situations. Sometimes you might not remember anything about the first incident when you win the lottery. 

But there can be a link between those situations, and your lottery win can be the BitLife reaction to the good thing you did several years ago by donating. 

This unexpected way is the way Karma behaves.

So it doesn’t matter if you give your attention to Karma when you are simulation your life in BitLife. Karma might still work on the background. No one can predict it will impact your life. Sometimes you might commit a crime, and you will not get any impact by the BitLife Karma.

So, it is not compulsory to give your attention to Karma when you are playing the BitLife. It is up to you to decide whether you give your attention to BitLife Karma or not. 

Even the CandyWriter – the developers of the BitLife has not made any official statement about how Karma affects your life in BitLife. So you can play your game naturally without thinking about the impact of Karma in BitLife on your gameplay. If Karma is affecting your life, it will affect you. If not, it will not affect you at all. You don’t have to think about it and don’t be overstressed about it if you don’t want to.

But it is always good to do good things in your life which will help other people. And avoiding doing bad things for others. If you practice this quality in BitLife, you can easily practice it in your real life, ultimately serving humanity and the world. 

In that way, a simple life simulation game like BitLife and its players can serve the world and humanity to make a better place for other future generations.


It isn’t easy to give the exact meaning of Karma in BitLife. Karma in BitLife is just the same as the meaning we treat in the real world. BitLife Karma you earned through the current life affecting the same current life you are playing in the BitLife app. So you have to make sure that you keep work on your life to improve your Karma levels all the time.

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