Be a Monk in Bitlife – Step by Step Guide

BitLife lets you try out different careers in a simulated world. Work as a doctor, a president, mafia, or even monk! Some professions are more special than others, like becoming a monk. Can you assume the downside of becoming a monk? You have to stay as a monk for more than 75 years to gain the achievement in BitLife. Surviving as a monk for 75 years is difficult if you are lack endurance.

Becoming a monk in BitLife is pretty straightforward. Your character should be born as a male as you want to be a monk. Then you need to graduate from high school. You can then look for a job as a monk from the jobs list in BitLife. You can be a monk in BitLife once you get that job.

Now We will deeply go through the process of becoming a monk in BitLife in this article.

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Selecting the Gender of the new Life

If you want to become a monk in BitLife, you need to start your character as a male. You can be a monk if you are a female. So when creating your new life, select male as the gender.

Student and Earlier Life

You do not need to be a high-performing student if you want to become a monk in BitLife. So your stats like smartness and look are not vital. But if you’re going to gain the monk achievement, you have to live for 75 years as a monk. So your health is the most crucial factor.

You can work hard to improve your health. Going for walks, visiting the gym, and have a healthy diet are some excellent options in your life before becoming a monk. You won’t be able to work on these once you become a monk. So your earlier life is the best age to work on your health.

You have to graduate from high school before applying for the post of a monk. The subjects you are following are not that important. You can do subjects like English or Arts.

You want to have a calm earlier life if you’re going to become a monk in BitLife. Staying out of crimes, drugs, and alcohol is a must. And you should never do anything that can make you in BitLife prison.

You can practice meditation in your earlier life. Meditation practice will help you to increase your happiness and calm your life. It will also positively impact your health.

Secret Tip – Stay Virgin

Staying a virgin is not a compulsory thing if you want to become a monk in BitLife. But sometimes BitLife does not show you the monk in the jobs list if you are not a virgin. This is entirely out of your control.

So if you plan to become a monk in BitLife, staying as a virgin in your earlier life will give you an advantage.

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Apply to Become a Monk in BitLife

Once you graduate from high school, you can apply to become a monk. Go to the occupations tab, and find the monk job. It usually is at the bottom of the list because it is one of the lowest-paying jobs in BitLife.

You may not find the monk on the job list on your first attempt.

If you could not see the monk in the job list, you need to close the app and reopen it. You may have to try several times. If you have followed all the above steps, you will see the monk in the jobs list. Keep restarting the BitLife app until you see the monk (monastery) in the jobs list.

When you apply for the monk position, you will have to face an interview. The interview is a simple process, and you will be asked several questions at the interview. You will get the job once you finish the interview successfully.

The average salary for the monk position will be about $2000 – $8000. But as you are living a monk life, you won’t need money for your life.

Life as a Monk in BitLife

Once you become a monk in BitLife, you need to continue your calm life. Stay healthy as much as possible as you need to live more than 75 years as a monk to gain the achievement. You can keep practicing meditation and a healthy diet to improve your health.

Once you live 75 years as a monk in BitLife, you can gain the At Inner Peace Achievement in BitLife.

Can you get Married as a Monk in BitLife?

Monks in BitLife have to follow a specific life with celibacy. So you can get married or have an intimate life if you are a monk in BitLife.

Why Can’t I be a Monk in BitLife?

When you follow the pure lifestyle as a virgin and staying out of crimes and drugs, you can be a monk in BitLife. But if you have done anything wrong in your life which is not suitable for a monk, the monk position will not be listed in the occupations list when you are looking for a job.

You can restart the BitLife app several times until you see the monk job if you are confident that you have followed a pure lifestyle and you are eligible to become a monk in BitLife.

Become a Shaolin Monk in BitLife

shaolin monk bitlife

You can become a Shaolin monk in BitLife if you are already a monk. You have to become a monk for at least 20 years. Also, you need to meditate for 30 consecutive years. So you need to start meditation at least ten years before you become a monk.

Having the top belts in Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, and Taekwondo martial arts is crucial if you want to become a Shaolin Monk. The final and the most important thing to become a Shaolin monk is, killing three people with martial art moves.

As you can see, becoming a monk in BitLife is not difficult. But become a Shaolin monk is a really tough task in BitLife. You need to work hard a lot to become a Shaolin Monk in BitLife.

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