Escape from Prison in BitLife – Guide for All Layouts

Escaping from the prison in BitLife is one of the most challenging tasks in BitLife. The Prison break game is the most famous mini-game among several mini-games in BitLife.

Escaping the prison in Bitlife depends on how you solve the puzzle given by BitLife when you become a prisoner. If you can solve the riddle, your can escape from prison. But if you fail and get caught, you will have to face the consequences with an extended prison time.

With this article, we will guide you on how to escape from the prison in BitLife.

escape prison in bitlife

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How to Get into the Prison in BitLife?

In the BitLife world, committing crimes lead the player to get into jail. There, he becomes a criminal because of the robbery he committed or other crimes.

When a person in BitLife becomes a prisoner, he will lose all the honors he gained.

Different Types of Prisons in BitLife

The prisons in BItLife are categorized as maximum, medium, and minimum security prisons according to the level of security provided for the prison. The type of prison you get into will depend on the extent of the offense you committed. 

If the player committed a serious crime, such as murder, he is sentenced to the death penalty or life imprisonment in a maximum-security prison.

The crimes such as; high profile crimes or character rapes can result in imprisonment for maximum security. 

Further, committing crimes like burglary, robbery can end up the player in a medium or maximum-security prison.

Maximum Security Prison

When a serious crime is committed, the player gets trapped in this maximum-security prison, and trying to escape from it, is a somewhat complicated task.

Maximum-security prisons are loaded with mafia gangs in BitLife like Bitizen Mafia, Killbillies, Itecks Angels, Blue Balls Bulls, etc. You, as a prisoner, have two options to get freedom. 

You can either solve the prison map to escape from the prison or engage in riots to gain freedom.

The maximum-security prison has the same legal system related to the escaping pattern as in both other types of prisons. There, if the jail guard moves horizontally instead of vertically, you have enough space to escape.

Medium and Minimum Security Prisons

These security prisons fall into the category of robbery, corruption, etc. Rarely, your BitLife character has the ability to imprison in a medium-security prison for committing serious crimes.

Prison Map

This prison map depends on the type of security prison you are in. 

If you are a prisoner in a medium or minimum security prison, it is somewhat easy for you to escape. But if you are trapped in a maximum-security prison, it will be challenging for you to escape due to twists and turns in jail.

This is because the way to escape from that prison is enormous and very difficult. However, your character must find the exit to escape unless you face life imprisonment or the death penalty.

When getting out of this prison, pay attention to all the layouts because your penalty will be extended if something goes wrong when escaping. 

Also, you need to be very careful about every step you take. Here, do remember some of the maps can be rotated, flipped, or even mirrored.

Notably, each prison map is different, and you will have to put a solid effort to escape from it, and it will be far more challenging. 

No matter how badly imprisoned you are, do not be afraid. We will give you the following guidelines and accurate maps and the steps to be taken in this regard so that you can escape from the prison in BitLife safely. 

Prison Guard

When you try to escape as a prisoner, the guards will watch over you, but you can escape by locking them between the walls if there is a wall between your character and a guard. But if you are to his right or left, he will try to bump into you.

Thus, do remember the following guidelines while attacking the prison guards.

  • The guard will continually advance towards your position.
  • When the cop makes the first move, it will be in a horizontal motion.
  • If he follows this movement several times, you will have to block him against walls.
  • His horizontal moves can catch you into his trap if there is a wall above him.
  • Depending on your single move, the cop will make two moves and right in your way.

Bribe the Prison Guard

Your character in BitLife has options to escape from the prison, and there, you should try to get to the exit without taking the guard’s attention towards you.

However, you need to know whether the guard is moving in the same line. He stops his pursuit only when he gets stuck in a few walls. 

Otherwise, he will catch you instantly. If that happens, the sentence is extended to two years with the offense of attempting to escape from prison.

How to Escape from Every Single Security Prison in BitLife?

There are nine unique variations for maximum security prisons and 14 unique variations for minimum and medium-security prisons.

Maximum Security Prison Escape Guide and Maps

The prison map related to the maximum-security prison is complex, and the sizes of these maps are 8×8 maps and 8×7. The vastness of these prison maps makes it the players challenging to escape.

There are eight different layouts in the maximum-security prison. But the size of the layout will remain the same. Seven of these eight maps will be the size of 8×8, and the other layout will be the size of the 8×7 map.

The common thing for all these layouts in the maximum-security prison is the guard will behave the same. The guard will make two moves for every move you make while making all his moves towards you. And he will first try to move horizontally before trying to move vertically.

Maximum Security Prison Map 1 – Escape Guide

Maximum Security Prison Map 2 – Escape Guide

Maximum Security Prison Map 3 – Escape Guide

Maximum Security Prison Map 4 – Escape Guide

Maximum Security Prison Map 5 – Escape Guide

Maximum Security Prison Map 6 – Escape Guide

Maximum Security Prison Map 7 – Escape Guide

Maximum Security Prison Map 8 – Escape Guide

Maximum Security Prison Map 9 – Escape Guide

Minimum and Medium Security Prison Escape Guide

Escape 3×4 Map

This layout is the easiest prison to escape and if this is the one you got, count yourself lucky. A tiny map, this prison requires you to trap the guard in one of the open blocks with three walls. Therefore, this is pretty easy to pass.

Escape 5×7 Map

This map seems a bit tough due to its numeral walls and one of the most wall-filled maps. The guard has three prominent corners. Therefore, you can stop his movements by trapping him to three walls. Thus, you can end the map by reaching the exit before the guard hurts you down.

Escape 5×7 Second Map

This is the easy one of the more challenging levels. It is better to lead your guard to the bottom left corner to terminate his movements. Do remember, the prison guard will always make moves to the horizontal first. 

If there’s no movement to horizontal, the guard will not come after you. Then you will be able to escape by stepping to the exit.

Escape 5×6 Map

In here, there are only four walls and thus, to the guard and you have more space to move anywhere, and it means that you are at risk.

Escape 5×5 Map

This map seems somewhat difficult to escape due to your guard’s behavior. Thus, the guard has to do is not more, and he will get you every time. But keep your movements closer with him to step him to the right side of the map.

Even though this is difficult, it is easy to escape by getting careful about every single step.

Escape 7×4 Map

There is nothing except 2 “U” shaped walls in this prison layout. It is a bit easier to escape due to unlimited space. The two cages comprised of 3 walls each is what will help you to plan your escape. 

Revolving around the cage will guide the guard right where you want him to be.

Escape 6×5 Map

This layout contains three “L’ shaped walls and a single wall. Therefore, you, as well as the guard, have enough space to do movements. Compared to other levels, this has more walls and wall positions. 

It is pretty easy to hide from the guard due to more walls, and there you get the ability to shoot him through your shadows.

If you take steps around the map, this is relatively easy to block the guard. After stopping him, you can move to the other edge, and it will help you keep your distance from the guard and escape safely.

Escape 6×6 Map

This is a bit difficult due to the unlimited walls. Therefore, it is easy to catch you. Thus, what you want to do is lock the guard among the three walls.

Escape 6×6 Second Map

This map is with a different layout compared to the other 6×6 map. You can see the number of walls, and you may happen to step all over the map until your prison guard tap among walls. After your guard is caught, just run to the exit.

Escape 5×4 Map

This map is easy as the Escape 3×4 map. You can move straight through the escape door while the guard gets trapped behind the wall that blocks the guard’s path to the exit. 

The good is, the guard is stuck in the beginning and cannot move anywhere; if you move horizontally. Therefore, take this advantage to leave the guard.

Escape 4×4 Map

Utmost, this is an easy layout to escape. Only you have to do is step on the opposite side of the escape door and step to the corner of the top, and then catch the guard in the trap.

Escape 3×5 Map

This 3×5 layout is relatively easy to escape. There is only a wall to the entire. Thus, protect yourself by keeping your distance from the guard until the risk goes out.

Escape 4×4 Second Map

This is what you both travel at the same time. If you step vertically, the guard follows you. Keep your movements to your left and the base corner until the guard gets trapped on the three walls.

Escape 4×4 Third Map

This layout seems like a cat and mouse chase. Your moves in all over the map lead you to escape safely.

By following the above instructions and guidelines, the player will be able to get the ability to escape from prison in BitLife and to celebrate freedom and go to the casino or visit the doctor.

You can earn several BitLife ribbons if you escape the prison successfully.          

Jailbird Ribbon

You can easily earn this Jailbird ribbon by escaping from prison more than three times. Once you are done that, stay in jail for most of your life and age up until croak. Once you spend most of your life in prison, you will get the Jailbird ribbon.

Houdini Ribbon

Like the Jailbird, you will have to go to the prison and escape safely about ten times before dying. 

You will need to start committing crimes such as robbing houses and others to get arrested. It will lead you to the prison, and then you will have to escape from the prison. All you need is to do it at least ten times without getting caught by the cop. 

When you do this bunch of times, you will earn the Houdini ribbon. 

Read our ultimate guide to get all the ribbons in BitLife.


When your character gets locked up in a BitLife prison, you have to solve a puzzle to escape from the prison. This puzzle is the most famous mini-game in the BitLife game. But if you fail when trying to escape from the prison, BitLife will make your life harder by extending your prison period.

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