Mafia in BitLife – Complete Guide

BitLife allows you to become anyone you want in your life in a simulated world. You can either be a respected doctor or a Mafia Boss. If you choose to be in the mafia world, you can even build up your own mob family in BitLife.

This guide will help you to solve all your questions related to the mafia world in BitLife.

mafia in bitlife

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How to Join the Mafia in BitLife?

Joining the Mafia in BitLife is not a challenging task. There are no paper qualifications required to join the Mafia, so you do not want to gain any educational or professional qualification in your school days.

You’ll be eligible to join the Mafia if you commit at least five crimes as you grow old. When you complete 18 years in your life, you will be eligible to join the Mafia. 

You need to go to the Special Careers tab in the Occupations Menu in the BitLife app. Then select the Organized Crime. It will show the available mob families in BitLife. Please choose one of them as you prefer.

There are six mafia families available in the BitLife game.

  1. Italian Mafia
  2. Irish Mafia
  3. Russian Mafia
  4. Latin Mafia
  5. Triad
  6. Yakuza

Mafia gangs might not accept you to their mob family at once if you do not possess a solid criminal history. So having a solid criminal record will ensure your enlistment with the mafia gang. Involving in crimes since your childhood will make your criminal records stronger.

If you can escape from the prison in BitLife, it will make you a reputed person among the mafia gangs, and they will welcome you at once most of the time.

Once you join the Mafia, you must contribute to the family. This is a rule, and you’ll get some money back as a return from the mob family.

Mafia Ranks in BitLife

There is a clear hierarchy in the BitLife Mafia. The lowest rank is the associate soldier, and you’ll enter the mob family with an Associate position. The highest rank is the Godfather, also known as the Chairman in Yakuza and Padrino in Latin mafia.

  1. Associate Soldier
  2. Soldier
  3. Caporegime/Captain
  4. Underboss
  5. Godfather/ Chairman/ Padrino

Even though the Godfather is the highest rank, the underboss is the person who gives direct orders to the soldiers.

How to Become Mafia Boss in BitLife?

Becoming the mafia boss in BitLife is the dream of every character who enters into a mob family. But it is not an easy task to become the mafia boss. The mafia boss, also known as the Godfather, Chairman, or Padrino, is the most influential person and leader of a mob family.

To become the mafia boss in BitLife, you need to contribute to the mob family for a more extended period. You can rank up in the Mafia with your contribution and the experience you gain.

What Can You do as the Godfather in BitLife?

As the Godfather of the Mafia in BitLife, you have all the powers in the mob family. The Godfather does not need to contribute to the mob family while all the other rankers have to contribute to the family from what they earn.

But the pressure that comes to the Godfather is high. He needs to look into every significant problem that comes to the mob family. So the Godfather will have to suffer from High Blood Pressure.

To become the Godfather or the Mafia boss in BitLife, you need to rank up in the mob family.

How do you Rank Up in BitLife Mafia?

First, you join as an associate in the BitLife Mafia. You can rank up in the family by committing lots of crimes and contributing to the family. You need to build a good reputation among your mob family. 

For that, you can contribute all the money you earn through committing crimes to the family. Make sure not to ask for promotions. You should not ask for promotions. But you can earn promotions by working hard and contributing to your family.

This way, you can slowly rank up in the Mafia and get promoted to Godfather one day.

If you can identify the rat in the family, you can gain a good reputation among the family. It will speed up your promotions in the family. But if you fail to identify the correct rat, the Mafia will attack you.

How do You Identify a BitLife Rat?

The rat in the BitLife mafia family is the one who betrays the family. He collects evidence about the family and tips the police about the criminal activities of the Mafia.

You can’t let that happen. You need to figure out who’s leaking information and take care of the rat before it’s too late. Finding out who the rat is tricky. But you do it safely. If something goes wrong, the Mafia will attack you.

Usually, the friendliest person can be the rat. Someone who smiles always can be the rat in the BitLife Mafia. So to identify the rat in the family correctly, you need to spend several years in the BitLife Mafia and study all the family members to identify their behaviors.

If you can identify the rat correctly, you can gain a massive reputation in the family, which will help you to get promotions quickly.

Notoriety in BitLife

What does Notoriety Mean in BitLife?

When you keep committing crimes, a new stat will show up, which is called Notoriety. Notoriety measures how good you are at bad things. If you have higher Notoriety in BitLife, you are famous for bad things, and people fear you.

How to Increase your Notoriety in the Mafia in BitLife?

Committing crimes frequently is the only way to increase your Notoriety in the BitLife Mafia. You can start committing crimes at younger ages. Even after joining the Mafia, you have to commit crimes frequently to improve your Notoriety levels.

Higher Notoriety levels will support you getting promoted in the Mafia and quickly becoming the Mafia boss in BitLife.

Frequently Asked Questions in BitLife Mafia

Can you be in the Mafia in BitLife?

Anyone can join the Mafia in BitLife if they have successfully committed at least five crimes before age 18. If you can not join the BitLife Mafia, you need to improve your Notoriety by committing crimes frequently. Once you have enough Notoriety levels, you can join a mob family in BitLife.

Which is the Italian Mafia in BitLife?

Italian Mafia is called just Mafia in BitLife. You can see the Mafia in the Organized Crimes mob families list. That is the Italian Mafia, and it is also called the Sicilian Mafia in BitLife.

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