BitLife Lottery Guide – Can you win the Jackpot?

Winning a Lottery in the real world is not an easy thing. It solely based on the luck and the chances you take. BitLife – life simulator game allows you to take chances of winning a lottery in simulated life. Let’s dive into more details about Lotteries in the BitLife game.

There is no specific method or a shortcut to win a lottery in BitLife. Winning a lottery is wholly based on the luck and chances you take. You must try as much as possible by purchasing as much as lotteries in BitLife. That is the only way you can increase the chance of winning a lottery in BitLife.

Let’s see more details on Lotteries in BitLife. Lotteries are not the only chance of getting rich in BitLife, and we will look more into getting rich without BitLife lotteries.

bitlife lottery guide

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Steps to Play a Lottery

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First of all, your life should be 18 years old to be eligible to buy a lottery in BitLife. And you should have enough money to purchase a larger number of lotteries. You are trying to win a lottery in BitLife. So you will have to buy hundreds of lotteries while you are seeking. So you need adequate money for that.

While you are at the school in BitLife, you can do freelance gigs and part-time jobs to earn money. By doing freelance gigs, you can make enough money when you are 18 years old. So do as much as freelance gigs and earn several hundred cash. Generally, a lottery ticket will cost less than $10.

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Then go to the Activities menu, and you will see the Lottery (Play the Lottery) tab enabled if you are eligible to buy a lottery.

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Then select the Lotteries tab, and a pop up will come. It will show you the cost of a lottery and the jackpot amount you receive if you win. Always buy a lottery ticket with a higher jackpot amount with several million.

Hint: You can close the app and reopen this tab if you got a small amount of jackpot. You can repeat this process until you get a higher jackpot amount.

buy lottery bitlife

You can have two options to select: to buy one ticket and buy ten tickets. Buying ten tickets will always increase your chances of winning the jackpot. So choose to ‘Buy Ten Tickets’ option while making sure you have enough money with you.

Chances of Winning a Lottery

Winning a lottery is entirely a random thing in BitLife. Like in real life, you need to purchase lots of lottery tickets to increase your chances of winning a lottery ticket.

You don’t have any control over this process. There are no shortcuts or tricks you can follow to win lottery ticket jackpot in the BitLife game. You only can do to win the Lottery in BitLife, is increase the chance of winning the Lottery by purchasing more and more lotteries.

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Getting Rich without Lotteries

Winning the Lottery is not the only way to become wealthier in the BitLife simulator game. There are several legit methods you can try to become rich in BitLife. And they are not solely based on your luck like lotteries. But they will take a longer time.

Become a CEO

Becoming the CEO of a large company is a greater thing someone can achieve in real life. It can make you a multi-millionaire. But become a CEO is a tough and time-consuming process. You will have to spend lots of time to gain your educational qualifications and another few decades in the corporate world to gain working experience and build your character.

In BitLife, becoming a CEO is also a great thing that can make you a rich person in the BitLLife world. You will have to do higher studies if you want to become a CEO one day. You will need to complete your degree at the Business School. And work in the industry for several years while maintaining your BitLife smartness levels at a higher range.

 Read our guide on How to Become a CEO in BitLife here. 
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Become a Famous Artist

Becoming a famous Artist in another option which can make you a rich person in BitLife. You can be a famous Actor, Author, Model, or Singer. You can write a bestseller book if you are an Author, which can make you rich overnight. You could act in a blockbuster movie or create a bestselling album as a Singer.

Apart from the above options, you can do TV commercials, Photoshoots, or participate in a Talk Show, which will help you earn more money.

Hint: This guide will help you to become famous in BitLife

Real Estate

Whether you are a CEO or an office worker, a movie star, or a camera assistant, you need to invest your money to produce more wealth and become rich. Real estate is one of the best investments you can make in the real world and the BitLife world.

The investment process is simple; you buy real estate for a lower price. Then let them appreciate it for a few years. And sell your real estate at a higher price. You can repeat this process to any number of times. Continuing this process will make you richer by richer in every deal.

bitlife real estate

Bonus Hint: Karma

If you could increase your Karma in BitLife by doing all the good work and not doing any wrong action, you can increase your chances of winning a lottery in BitLife. Your luck can depend on your Karma. But this point can be work or not on you as it entirely depends on the algorithm of BitLife.


Not only in the BitLife, even in your real-life do not depend and dream only to win a lottery someday. Winning a lottery is just a random and rare thing. You will have to waste lots of your time and money on lotteries. So other than dreaming, only a lottery jackpot win focuses on building your life and becoming a rich and wealthier person by working hard and smart.

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