How to Become a CEO in BitLife? – With Tips & Tricks

If you want to simulate a real-life career in a digital world, BitLife has it all, from small tasks to climb up the corporate ladder to higher responsibilities. Of course, you can be a CEO of a corporate giant. In this article, we’ll explain the process of becoming a CEO in BitLife.

To become a CEO in BitLife, you should be graduated from a business school with high smartness stat and a Finance degree. Then you need to get a corporate job and be promoted as an Assistant VP when you have 15 years of experience. After that, you can get promoted to CEO in a BitLife company.

Being a CEO in BitLife is quite different than it can be in real life. You need to follow some intricately planned steps throughout your education and job–none of them are always foolproof. There may come points where you need to restart your game so you can try again, but it pays off in the end!

CEO is one of the highest paying jobs in BitLife as well. You can read other highest paying jobs in BItLife from our guide.

Let look into the steps of becoming a CEO in BitLife deeper.

become a ceo in bitlife

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Character Should be Born Smart

The starting point of becoming a CEO in BitLife is to be born smart. You would not get an 80+ level in the smartness stat on your first attempt. If you didn’t get good smartness stat, restart your game until you get a life with high born smartness.

Please read our guide on How to increase your smartness in BitLife here.

And make sure you are born in a rich country like the USA or UK. That will help you to speed up your corporate ladder. But any time you can emigrate to those countries (read our BitLife emigration guide) if you weren’t born in such country. But it will slow down your path.

Another important thing you should consider when you start your life is, having wealthy parents. You will need to go to business school one day that will require some reasonable course fee. So if you have wealthy parents, you can ask them to pay for your education at the business school.

Education for a Future CEO

Your education is a crucial factor if you want to become a CEO in BitLife. To keep your Smarts levels up, it’s essential to study and read early in life and go on to higher education. So start visiting the library and reading books at your younger ages.

Then, later in life, you can choose to go to college and the university. As you age, continue studying hard and reading to attend those opportunities as you get older!

Do not put your focus entirely on education if you want to be a CEO in BitLife. You have to improve your body and mind health. So visit the gym every year and go for walks. And do meditation frequently. Continue these things in your whole life to maintain your mind and body.

What to Major in to Become a CEO BitLife?

You need to major in Finance if you want to become a CEO one day. So if you can’t find Finance on the majors’ list when you enroll in the university, you need to start a new life. Even in the university, you need to work hard to gain good results. You can work hard by selecting the Work Hard button in the School Menu.

A finance degree from the university is not adequate if you want to become a CEO one day. You must enroll in Business school too.

How to Get Into Business School in BitLife?

bitlife business school

When you graduate with an undergraduate degree in Finance, the game will prompt you to either seek higher education or find a job. A finance degree won’t help you become CEO, so I recommend doing further study.

To become a CEO one day, you should apply for a Business School. Your application will most likely be approved as you have maintained higher levels of smartness and the finance degree you have obtained.

Now, you’ll need to pay the tuition fee. The parents might be able to provide help, and of course, you could apply for a scholarship/student loan. This is the milestone in your career that you can take advantage of your wealthy parents.

What Jobs Can You be CEO in BitLife?

Only the corporate jobs can make you a CEO in BitLife in the future. You need to gain decades of experience in corporate jobs to become a CEO one day.

How do You Get a Corporate Job in BitLife?

If you want to become a CEO, you should apply for one of the many corporate sector jobs available in BitLife. The game will prompt you to look for a job as soon as you’ve graduated from business school. Use below menu items to apply for a junior-level corporate job which will be the starting point of your corporate ladder.

Occupations -> Jobs -> Apply for a Jr Level Corporate Sector Job

Pro Tip: If you could not see any Jr-level corporate job, close the BitLife and reopen it. While doing this several times, you will be able to apply for a corporate job.

How Can I Get Promoted Faster in BitLife?

Working hard is the only way to get promoted faster in BitLife. You can select the Work Hard button on the Job section of BitLife every year to work hard in your job. Then with the experience you gain, you will be promoted to the next position faster.

How do You Get Promoted to an Executive Position in BitLife?

When you enter the corporate world, you need to work hard and gain at least 15 years of experience as you plan to become a CEO one day.

You may get promotions within this period according to the initial junior job you selected.

With 15 years of experience, you can apply for an Assitant VP and get promoted to an Executive position in BitLife.

How to Become Assistant Vice President in BitLife?

The primary qualification to become an Assistant Vice President is to have a minimum of fifteen years of experience in a corporate job. You can apply for an assistant VP position by visiting below menu path.

Occupation -> Jobs -> Apply for an Assistant VP

When you are in a position like Assistant VP, your corporation is highly appreciated when you get a promotion.

It is essential to participate in company tours and conferences as an assistant vice president. You should make sure to be present for any decision-making conference or meeting which your boss and colleagues will be attending also. 

So make sure to accept such an invitation if the app asks you.

Now you are in the executive positions and keep working hard every year on your career. When you work hard and get promoted, you can become a CEO in BitLife one day.

The corporate ladder from the Assistant VP position is like below.

  • Assistant Vice President
  • Vice President
  • First Vice President
  • Senior Vice President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Managing Director
  • CEO
ceo in bitlife

How much does a CEO make in BitLife?

A CEO in BitLife makes about $200000 – $250000 per year. Becoming a CEO will make you a rich person in BitLife. And if you could invest your money wisely, you can become a billionaire in BitLife one day.

What does a CEO do in BitLife?

Generally, CEOs are the top executives in any organization who are responsible for making decisions for important company matters. They also have to manage other aspects of the company too.

So in BitLife also these are the responsibilities of the CEO.

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