Highest Paying Jobs in BitLife – Top 10 Listed

Everyone wants to be rich in BitLife. So, it is true for you. Then you should choose your career wisely. There are higher-paying jobs than others, and choosing the right one can impact your success in the BitLife game.

With many jobs to choose from in BitLife, you can either take up a career from an educational background or a non-educational one, as you would do in real life.

The highest paying jobs in BitLife are;

  1. Royalty – King or Queen
  2. CEO of A Company
  3. President of a Country
  4. Lead Actor
  5. Chief Justice
  6. Athlete
  7. Doctor
  8. Model
  9. Criminal
  10. Chief of Police

Among this list for some countries Royalty can be considered as the highest paying job in BitLife.

Now let’s discuss one by one from the above list.

highest paying job in BitLife

Royalty – King or Queen

The royal family has the most wealth in a country, even in BitLife. We can define a salary of a fixed amount that the wealth of a royal family. It is literally can be any significant amount you can imagine. 

If you are the King or the Queen of a kingdom, you might be the wealthiest person in your country. If your country is one of the richest countries in BitLife, you might be one of the wealthiest people in the whole BitLife world.

See Royalty guide for Bitlife to learn more.

CEO of a Company

CEO is the highest executive position in the corporate company. So this can be clearly identified as a job, and CEO is one of the highest paying jobs in BitLife.

You need a Financial degree with Business Shcool experience with decades of working experience in the corporate job to become a CEO in BitLife.

Please read our guide on how to become a CEO in BitLife to learn more.

President of a Country

Becoming a president in a country can be a dream for any ordinary person. But it is also a target for any politician. The President of a country has the highest power in that country. So the President is one of the highest paying jobs in BitLife.

Please read our guide on how to become a President in BitLife to learn more.

Lead Actor

When you set out to be a star of the cinema or television, you’ll have a lot of work ahead of you. One thing is keeping your looks high and start your career in the industry as a voice-over actor. 

Next, steadily work your way up from commercials and TV shows to movies. It isn’t easy to become a movie star, but with plenty of focus & determination you should reach your goal if you try long enough.

When you become a lead actor and a movie star, you can earn millions using your fame. Your income will not only rely on the payment you get for your acting. But from TV commercials and other methods, you have unlimited opportunities to earn money. 

So lead actor role can be considered as another highest paying job in BitLife.

You can read more on how to become a famous actor in BitLife from here.

Chief Justice

If you want to be successful in law, it’s great to become at the top of your country’s judiciary. To do so generally requires many years of hard work- as well as grit and a sense of truthfulness before you can be appointed Chief Justice in BitLife.

Being a Chief Justice will result in a better salary and other perks and the power to arrest those who have committed crimes. In addition, there are different judicial positions that you work your way up to. Chief Justice is another high-paying job in BitLife.


We all know how much pay for top players in NBA. So if we can become professional athletes in BitLife in a top club, we can earn millions. And through the fame profession athletes gain through the sport, they can make a fortune using that fame.

So professional athlete is another high-paying job in BitLife. There is no limit you can earn from this profession.

From here you can read our guide on how to become a professional athlete in BitLife.


Want to make money in a more traditional sense? Go to school for a while, study, go to Medical School, then get excellent grades. The key is that it’s going to require hard work and time.

If you can get through all the classes with good grades, you should be well off. You’ll eventually want to get to Brain Surgeon, a high-paying job in BitLife as a Doctor.

Read our guide on how to become a dentist in BitLife here.


Becoming a supermodel is another way to make lots of money. Similar to the famous actor, a model gets paid handsomely for the modeling shows. And with the fame a model has, they can make millions through commercials.

You can check how to become a famous model from our guide.


In real life, the relationship between crime and money is not as linear as it seems in BitLife. You must be careful about the risks you take if you want to make a lot of money. That being said, if you succeed in becoming a criminal, there are also high rewards associated.

If you pursue a life of crime, you might have to break the law and risk getting caught by the police. It could result in your imprisonment and also lead to other negative consequences.

But if you could commit a successful crime, you can make a lot of money. But this is not a standard job, and there is no salary for this. Yet becoming a criminal in BitLife can make you more than a high-paying job.

You can read how to rob a train in BitLife from here.

Chief of Police

Same as becoming the Chief Justice, it’s a great honor to be Chief of Police. As such, you’re the decisive force behind proceedings, and ultimately they’re someone who has to be able to think on their feet and provide quick solutions.

After you’ve been on the police force for a few decades, you can be the chief of police. Chief of Police is a job role with power as well as money. You’ll be paid handsomely for your job role. So the chief of police is another high-paying job in BitLife.

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