How to Become an Actor in BitLife

BitLife is a life simulation game that takes the best parts of living in the modern age and throws them into one place. You are free to be anything you want to be. You can get rich working on your own business, or stay at home with your family, or go out there and make a famous brand for yourself. 

All of these options are available to you in this game. You can choose different careers and lifestyles, but players also choose to do illegal things in the real world. For example, if you want to steal cars and rob banks, you can do that in this game.

The game BitLife has an in-depth gameplay system with many different job paths to choose from. One of these is to become an Actor in BitLife, which requires players to follow specific paths to get where they want to be.

Even in any industry, you have to start in the bottom position of your career. This concept is the same for the real world as well as the BitLife world. You can’t be an actor just after you graduate from your high school in BitLife. But if you had the fortune, you might have the luck to become an actor by chance in the real world. This is different in the BitLife world.

So I recommend that you start from the bottom and work your way up in the voice acting industry. It will be a lot easier for you to become an actor in BitLife after working for several years as a voice-over actor.

Furthermore, after working as a voice actor for a few years, you will be promoted to an actor. Henceforth, your title would be the lead actor. If you consider becoming a movie star in Bitlife, you should work hard as the path forward is challenging.

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become an actor in bitlife

Steps to Become an Actor in BitLife

Before embarking on the actor’s journey in BitLife, we would like to remind you of two essential things.

  1. You need to have better Looks and Smart levels at least up to 95%. The more you have, the better it is.
  2. Starting your career as a Voice Over Actor

After considering the above two main facts, you should remember that the first step is to look better. 

When you get a new life in Bitlife, one of the first things to check is your character’s looks. If it is over 95%, then congratulations! You’ve unlocked your perfect avatar in your journey of becoming an actor in BitLife. However, if the number falls below 95%, keep trying until you find something that works for you. To start a new life in Bitlife, tap the “Start a New Life” button at the top right of the screen.

Now you should focus on improving your Look and Smartness levels. Go to the Gym several times a year. Visiting Saloon and practicing meditation will also help you to improve your look and smartness.

When you are at High School, work on freelance gigs and part-time jobs. The money you earn through these jobs will further help you improve your look for visiting saloons and plastic surgeries.

A career in acting is not for everyone. But when you do find your calling, you’ll be rewarded with fame, fortune, and the chance to be creative in an exciting profession. 

But there are no educational requirements for an acting career in BitLife. But to make your path smoother, it may be a good idea to focus on one of the following areas during college: Arts, Dance, Music.

Now there is an easy way to get smarter in BitLife. This method is a secret tip in BitLife to get the highest smartness levels in the easiest possible way. When you are at the age of 6, you will be able to read books. These books mainly contain less than 35 pages. So you can easily read them. 

You need to read books every year in your life to get a higher smartness level.

When you are an adult, your smart level won’t drop much. But if it does, one solution is to focus on meditation. You can follow these methods to gain maximum smart levels in BitLife. This would be an added advantage to become an actor in BitLife.

Your next step is working as a voice-over actor and getting some experience for a few years. Give it your maximum and get promoted as an actor while still keeping an eye on your stats. Always work hard to improve your Look and Smartness levels.

Your voice is just as crucial to your performance in front of the camera, so if you want to be an actor, then start improving your vocal timbre. Now you need to start as a voice-over actor. Your application will be approved instantly because casting directors are very keen on looks.

For a voice-over job, you’ll need to click the “Voice-over Actor (Film Studio)” section in the jobs list in BitLife. Become an actor would seem like the last stage of the game – but there’s no rush! Just stay patient, and one will come up soon enough.

Despite having good looks and high smart stats, this may be the case: you might not find the Voiceover Actor job post. That’s inevitable! A lot of players think that it is not possible. But don’t be upset. The game engine always has a list of what jobs are available, So it keeps shuffle the list of jobs on the engine.

If you could not find the Voice-over actor job in the list, you can restart the game. It will reshuffle the jobs list. So close and restart the game until you find the voice-over actor job in your list.

When you work hard as a voice-over actor and keep your look and smartness higher, you will eventually be promoted to an actor role in BitLife. This is how you become an actor in BitLife.

famous ribbon

Become a Famous Actor in BitLife

Becoming an actor in BitLife is a bit easier than becoming a famous actor. You need to work harder to become a famous person in your industry. This phenomenon is the same in the BitLife globe.

Fame is critical to your career in BitLife. To get started, you should start using all social media platforms by the age of 13 and then buy followers or subscribers at one point.

Do not worry if you are suspended from one social media platform because you will eventually be unsuspended. Just refrain from spamming any platform.

The information you post on social media has a significant impact on your follower count. The more original content you publish, the more people will interact with your profile. The same goes for videos or pictures uploaded to these networks.

You need to post at least once a year to keep your followers engaged and entertained at all times, but try never to upload a Political video because you will end up losing your followers.

When you become a lead actor, you will have amassed enough of a following that your star is on the rise. If you try to get verified and stay verified on all platforms, you should end up with a ton of followers.

And you will gain famous ribbon and become a famous actor in the BitLife game. When you have the fame you can get rich and become a billionaire in BitLife.

Lead actor is one of the highest paying job in BitLife.


BitLife is a magnificent text-based life simulation game that allows players to become anyone they want. Becoming an actor or a famous movie star is just another thing they can achieve.

But you need to follow specific steps to become an actor. You can’t be an actor in the BitLife globe if you just play a random game. 

So follow the exact guidelines we have given in this article. This guide on becoming an actor and becoming a famous actor in BitLife would work on both Android and iOS platforms. Even you can play BitLife on PC.

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