How to Become Famous in BitLife?

Everyone wants to become famous in this life. But is it the same when you simulate your life? Everyone plays BitLife wants to become famous in their BitLife too. Let’s see how to become famous in BitLife and ten tips you can follow for that.

You can become famous in BitLife if you are a Movie Star, Model, Bestseller Author or a Journalist. You need to have your goal of becoming famous on one of these career paths, even in your childhood. We recommend you to start young for your purpose.

When you are famous in BitLife you can get romance invitations from royal families if your are fortunate enough. So you might become a royalty in BitLife if you can get famous.

Let’s see the tips one by one.

how to become famous in bitlife

Table of Contents

1. Start Young

The process of becoming famous should start from your birth. If you are going to be a movie star, you must have at least 90% in your Looks percentage bar. You can use your parent’s money to improve your Look if you are born rich. Otherwise, you have to do part-time jobs and earn money for that in your early adulthood.

If you are inherited a fortune from your family, your process will be easy as you are already rich. And you need to have a good relationship with your parents to ask their money for your needs. For that spend as much time with them and make them happy genuinely. When you need some money to go to Saloon or even for plastic surgery to improve your Look, you can ask them to pay for it.

If you are not born for wealthy parents, you need to earn your own money. Do freelance gigs or part-time jobs when you are at the high school. So you need to start early as possible to reach your goal of becoming famous on BitLife.

bitlife famous ribbon

2. Improve Yourself

A growth mindset is a must for a person with a target, even on BitLife. You need to improve yourself in every second you get. As you know, there are four main measurements for life in BitLife; Happiness, Health, Looks & Smart. All four of them are equally important, and you should focus on improving all of them. But for our target, we need to focus, especially on some of them.

If you are planning to be a Movie Star, you should focus on getting 90+ in your Looks meter. Good Look is a must for an Actor in BitLife or a Model. Good look is an advantage if you want to be a famous singer or a pop star in BitLife. To reach that target, you can take steps like hitting the Gym at least once every year. And go to Saloon & Spa every year. Even you will need to get plastic surgeries to make a good looking appearance.

But if you are planning to become an famous Author, you should mainly focus on the Smart meter. The main thing you can do to improve your smartness to a 90+ value is reading books and visiting the library frequently. And to maintain both good physical and mental health, you also need to hit the Gym regularly.

study hard bitlife

3. Focus on Physical & Mental Health

Good physical and mental health is essential for every person, even in the BitLife. Your BitLife should be good in both physically and mentally. For that, you need to hit the Gym frequently. And practice meditation will help you to improve your happiness levels significantly. Spending time with your loved ones is also essential to improve your mental happiness.

Entertainment is also an essential factor to improve happiness. You should spend some time every year to entertain yourself. For that, you can visit the movie theater.

bitlife gym

4. Social Media is Vital

Social media is vital if you are aiming to gain famous ribbon in BitLife. You can start social media profiles after you are 13 years old. So start at an early age and focus on only positive things. When you begin your career after the schools, focus more on social media to build up a fan base for you by posting two to three times a year.

5. Career-related Education

Education is vital for everyone. But if you have a specific career target, focus on getting your career-related education in your childhood.

If you want to be a Movie Star, you won’t need to gain higher degrees. Completing High school is enough for it. But having an Arts specialized degree will be an added advantage.

But if you are planning to be a journalist, you will be asked for a degree with English subject, when you apply for the post of a reporter. Having a literature related degree will be an advantage if you want to be an author, but it is not a must.

english major bitlife

You should select a career-related education without selecting your education choices blindly.

6. Do not break the Law

DO NOT GET INTO TROUBLES!. This quote sums up this topic. Do not break the Law even in your childhood. If you do it, it will be a disadvantage for your future.

7. Start the career as a Teenager.

Starting the career is the most crucial point in this whole article on becoming famous on BitLife. As mentioned in the first point, you need to start early. So after your education, you should start your career. Do not select your first jobs blindly. And do not go only for the higher salaries nor higher positions in the beginning. You should start low.

If you want to be a Movie Star, you can start as a voice-over actor or an Actor if you for passing the interviews.

If you want to be a singer, start as a background singer.

If you want to be a famous model, start your career as a foot model.

If you are planning to become famous by becoming a Bestselling author, you need to start as a writer.

bitlife writer job

Start as a reporter in a press company if you need to be a journalist someday.

So make a wise decision when you are starting your career as a teenager.

8. Work Hard

Working hard is something that everyone reluctant to do. But if you need to achieve great things, you should work hard. It does not matter in which field you are working on, just work hard in your career if you need to become famous one day. And put extra hours even your supervisor didn’t ask.

9. Grow your Fame

Once you become famous, a new meter will be added to your existing four meters of happiness, health, look, and smartness. The new one is Fame. You have to put extra effort into growing your Fame even after becoming famous and getting the new Fame.

fame bar bitlife

You need to maintain health, happiness, and looks meters at 100% as much as possible. Generally, they will decrease with your age. But you can improve and maintain by hitting the Gym and Saloon frequently and practice meditation. And you need to visit your doctor if you have any disease to maintain your good health. You can even go on vacation once a year to continue your happiness at the right level.

As mentioned earlier, Social media is vital, too, when maintain and growing your Fame. Keep posting on your social media profile frequently.

Once you become famous, you will see a new tab in the Activities list for Fame Activities. You can use these activities to maintain and grow your Fame. But to gain a photoshoot or get a Talkshow activity, you should obtain at least 50% of the fame level. You can try other activities meanwhile.

If you could write a bestseller book, you will gain a massive boost for your Fame. But not everyone will gain that chance.

bitlife fame activities

10. BitLife is like your Real Life

BitLife is just a life simulator, and the way things happen in BitLife is mostly the same for your real life. In real life rarely a one will become famous overnight. Becoming famous takes years of dedication and hard work. They are starting small to reach the top. 

So that story is true for BitLife too. You will need to stick to your plan to become famous as you wanted. You will need to plan your whole life since childhood, from selecting your education and career, and properly maintaining social media profiles. You need to stick to your plan and work for your goal every year you live until you become famous.

Maintaining good physical and mental health is vital in BitLife too. And having good health and becoming a right looking person is essential even in the real-life if you want to be a superstar. Make sure to do good for others. It will increase your karma levels which will help you unexpectedly.

So think like you are planning to become famous in your real life. And act like the same in BitLife. Then you will become famous in BitLife as expected.

Above sums up the ten tips on how to become famous on BitLife.

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