How to Become a Singer in BitLife

The recent music update for bitLife allows players to live out their dream of becoming famous singers. All you have to do is take vocal lessons. You do not need to work hard on practicing instruments. The only thing you need to develop your singing talents is to take vocal lessons available on BitLife.

Becoming a Singer in BitLife is not like the real world. In the real world, you can become a musician by spending your time getting better at singing and practicing. 

In BitLife, it’s not as easy as that. To become a famous singer in BitLife, you need to take vocal lessons regularly.

There is nothing more satisfying than singing your favorite song. What most people do not know is that the vocal skills of a singer are slowly acquired skills. 

In this guide, we will tell you how to become a singer in BitLife and give you some tips on how to increase your vocal skills.

There are many ways to become famous in BitLife, but take the singing path to start on the right foot. There are plenty of other options later on too!

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Steps to Become a Singer in BitLife

Start a new life in BitLife and grow up to six years old. You can then go into Activities and look for Mind & Body in the Activities section, where you’ll find any number of versatile instruments to master. 

Pick your favorite music instrument and take a lesson on your instrument every year. In this way, you can master a musical instrument since your little age. Learning an instrument is not mandatory to become a singer in BitLife, but you can do this until you take voice lessons.

Once you’re ten years old, you’ll be able to go back into the Mind & Body section and look for the Voice section. This option lets you take voice lessons you can take to improve your voice skills.

After you become 18 or so, you’ll have a talented voice and skills in the instrument you choose, letting you pursue lots of musical careers in BitLife.

No matter whether you are going to be an actor or a singer, your look matters in both cases. If you become a famous singer one day, your good appearance is vital for your fame. So work on your look level as well as working on practicing your voice training.

You can go to the gym and saloon every year to improve your look levels.

You can start your social media profiles at a suitable age. If you plan to become a famous singer or a pop star in BitLife, you should have followers. So maintaining highly followed social media profiles is crucial in becoming a famous singer or a pop star.

There is no set path to making it as a solo singer or joining a band. But when you reach 18, you can apply to be a solo singer or a Background Vocalist to start your career. Like any career, this will require education and possibly some additional training.

Additional Tip: If you have the God Mode, you can select the Special Talent as Singing.

If you choose the solo singer option, you will be able to sign up for three record levels. If one of the record companies likes your voice or singing, they will generally accept you for a deal. It should also be noted that not all record companies are looking for musicians who have less than 90% voice skills, so it is vital to place your voice training in the right places.

That will make it difficult to become a singer in BitLife. Therefore we recommend keeping practice and taking voice lessons and enhance your voice skill as much as possible.

A good performance in the audition is one of the critical factors in your success when applying to a record label to become a Singer in BitLife. If the audition doesn’t go right for you, close the app and restart the app, then apply for another record label. So ultimately, you will get a record contract to pursue your dream.

We recommend practicing your vocal skills and then releasing a single, followed by an album. This will create interest among the public, and you will probably get invited to talk shows and other events as a result. The record label should also offer you the opportunity to perform on these occasions.

Don’t get discouraged if you notice your album’s approval taking a while because where there’s a will, there’s a way. Keep practicing singing every year to make sure they’re in top shape when needed and keep releasing songs here or there. Your older tracks might end up getting the most money later on in life.

Now that you have a job, you should use the “Work Harder” option in the BitLife game to raise your stats each year. Follow this pattern and stick with it for years to come- before long, your hard work will pay off & you’ll be a Lounge Singer, Singer, and then a Lead Singer. So make sure to work hard in your career to become a singer in BitLife.

If you want to become a Lead Singer, you will need to work hard and age up through time continually. If you put in the hard work, there’s no doubt that someday soon, you’ll be able to reach Pop Star status! 

Now you have become a famous singer in BitLife. We call this a Pop Star in BitLife.

famous ribbon bitlife

When you Become a Famous Singer in BitLife

Now you are a famous person in BitLife that holds the Famous ribbon. Famous people often use social media to increase their fame. So you can follow the same to improve your fame. You can also shoot with magazines, but this will probably anger your family and friends. But the pay is good for these photoshoots, and it does increase your fame a lot.

As a celebrity, you can do commercials that will pay you more if your fame is higher.

Talking on the Talk Shows is not really worth it unless you need to take a bump in fame. Usually, only people that are over Level 80 can be invited to go on the show. You can also get opportunities for giving speeches or just doing interviews in general that money is offered to you after these things.

Still, sometimes it backfires and worsens your fame levels.

Becoming a famous singer or a Pop Star in BitLife will make you a rich person in BitLife. But if you work hard to earn more money, you can even be a Billionaire in BitLife.

Final Words

Becoming a singer in BitLife is not a troublesome task. In the BitLife game, you have to follow a set of simple steps to become any person you want. These steps differ for each career. So you have a bunch of steps to follow to become a singer.

In this guide, we have clearly explained each step that will help you become a singer in the BitLife globe.

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