BitLife God Mode – Complete Guide

You can be the God in a Universe if you have the God Mode in BitLife. You can do almost anything and any customizations in the BitLife world if you have the God mode.

What is the God Mode in BitLife?

God mode is the paid premium feature in the BitLife app. God mode allows you to customize your character and the other characters around you in BitLife. There are many advantages in the god mode as it gives you more stat like Karma, discipline, etc., in your character. 

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How do I Enable God Mode in BitLife?

To unlock the God mode in BitLife, you need to go to the BitLife menu and create a new life, and on the character attributes pop-up window, scroll down to the bottom and see three special options. You can unlock the God mode by tapping on any of these features. 

Activation of God Mode in BitLife will cost you $6.99 as an in-app purchase from the App Store or Play Store.

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How to Customize your Character with God mode?

After opening the God mode and entering into it, you will be able to customize your character as well as anyone else. Indeed, you must have been surprised by hearing this ability to change the lives of ourselves and others. You’ll be a Virtual God by having this power.

Explaining it further makes it possible to see one’s physical appearance at a certain age.

Typically, young people, especially teenagers, love to see their bright looks in another 3 or 4 years, and through this God mode, they can see the fascinating things like fulfilling their dreams of reaching the future faces in an instant.

Even though we had no idea about our appearance when we were little, we can move to that moment and entertain it through this fantastic God mode feature. We know very well that God can create anything at any time according to his will. 

Applying the God Power

As same as God, we also provide the ability to create anything that we wish.

God creates man with features and completes the human being by embedding different factors to make him unique in society. Same as that, the players are allowed to use their power to customize themselves. 

So, You are the God, and you have the power to create anything that you want. Thus, do you agree with my suggestion of introducing you as a God? 

If you choose this God mode option, inevitably, you’ll have goosebumps when you customize your own life. To a person who believes only in destiny, this is in deep an illusion to him. 

Boost the Stats

When you create a new life, you need to enter your name, gender, country, and birthplace as basic information. Then you can see exciting things that you never thought of.

You will be able to customize your physical appearance as you wish. In the physical appearance category, there is a list of things that will allow you to customize various facial details for your character; shape, facial hair, the color of eyebrows, eye shading, hair cut and its color, etc. 

But do remember, you cannot change your birthday, conception method, sibling, or pet color. 

Boost the Attributes

After customizing the physical appearance in this way, it takes us to a new screen, and this screen will show you the soft stats of the human being; 

If you don’t have the god mode, you’ll only be able to see the happiness, health, smartness, and looks attributes. But with the God mode, you can see all the above stats and specify them as you wish when you create a new life.

According to your wish, you can specify these attributes more or less in the given average of 0 to 100. The quantity you provide to these attributes falls to the relevant age you matches; 21 to 44 range.

Child Adoption

In character customization, there is an option to adopt children. There, you get the ability to adopt children after fulfilling and confirming the rules.

After engaging in lengthy character customization, BitLife will give you a complete and successful analysis using a few sentences about your character by the God mode after analyzing the details that you entered into the God mode.

Improve your Status

The most beautiful thing in this God mode is, you will be able to access the jobs in the highest levels and status that you have been looking forward to in your life. 

Even you can be the president, prime minister, CEO, or any position according to your obligation.  

Go Back to the Childhood

If you want to look back, you can see what happened in your infant’s life, and you can change them with the god mode.

In this way, it is a great privilege to customize your appearance and attributes by yourself and imagine you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of an earl. Still, through this God mode, we get the power of God to change those naturally endowed appearances and attributes.

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Benefits You Get from God Mode

The significant benefit that we get through this God mode is the ability to analyze the characters of oneself and other-selves according to the desires.

New Life with Custom Appearances and Attributes

There, by editing the appearances and attributes in the God mode, we can see our looks and the qualities clearly at the age of 21 to 44.

Time Travel

Even though it cannot physically travel back to our early ages, BitLife provides the opportunity to feel the situations by traveling back to past years through this God mode.

Fix the Mistakes

The truth is that we can never travel back to old and forth in time. But, god mode has eliminated this weakness. Through this, we get the opportunity to fix our mistakes and to correct our shortcomings. 

Guide to the Good

If you remember, one of the features in this God mode is Karma. If we define the karmic law, our life is determined by the good or evil done according to our intention. 

I am confident that this feature will give players the lesson of living a better life.

Don’t you feel this God mode approaches our inner minds? Because this concept of Karma is used to make goods in the minds of the Bitizens as doing goods helps a player live longer and touch the situations easier. 

Dreams Become True

The miraculous result of this feature is that we can achieve the dreams that we had as only dreams. Since childhood, we have been dreaming, and when some dreams never become true in the real world, some dreams become true. 

Think a bit, how many dreams have we achieved in our lives? Ah? Your answer feels you pessimistic, and you may feel it is useless even to talk about this subject.

But, do not worry. God mode in BitLife is a precious gift given for the dreamers to step on to their dreams. God mode will allow you to achieve any higher status and job positions you want, even as a King, President, Prime Minister, CEO, Doctor, Dentist, Chef, etc.

Edit Characters Around You

You can change the attributes and other changes in the lives of the people around you with the God mode in BitLife.

It is also possible to demote your boss’s position and skills or the leader in the workplace and change the level of his craziness, happiness, or any other attribute as you wish.

Even you can change the attributes of your family members. There, you will provide a list of stats; craziness, joy, look, sexuality, happiness, and willpower. Keep in mind that they would not offer you to change the options like relationship, gender, job, and marital status. 

Risk Reduction

Risk reduction is another highlighting factor in the God mode feature. That is, instead of physically colliding with people, we can identify their characteristics. 

God mode gives the players of BitLife a broad knowledge of the people. The way that people react to special situations at different times and their attitudes on different situations. 

Born into a Royal Family

By unlocking this great god mode feature in BitLife, you will be born in a kingdom with royalty according to the state or nation you choose. Then you will be a royal family member and one day you can be a King or a Queen in BitLife.

Play as your Child

To move on to a new generation, if you started a family today and had children, you can start playing as your child by giving up that adult character.

What do You Get in the God Mode?

Finally, let us consider what the Candywriter tries to give to the community by introducing this God mode feature in BitLife. 

Ability to Define Own-Selves

The best point is that the Bitizens in God mode can define their character on their own by comparing with the universe. 

The Ability to Create a Unique Brand

Generally, people love dogs; German Shepherd, Pomeranian, Labrador Retriever, who are worth more than stray dogs. The reason is that the brand of the dog is unique and worth enough. 

Similarly, we should be unique and more valuable to society. Thus, through God mode, all of us get the opportunity to have a special character throughout our lives with the experiences we provided. 

Boost the Experiences

It’s precious to categorize and analyze oneself. Another specialty in this BitLife game, including the God mode, is rated for users 13+. It helps the youngsters to experience their lives before entering into society. 

Ability to the Memory Reflect

Unfortunately, we are unable to travel back to our previous years. But this God mode allows going back to the time of an infant and experiencing the first and lightest experiences you had. 

Your Obligations to Real

Through this feature, Bitizens can play challenges through this god mode to enhance their skills. 


If BitLife is a ladder, the stairs that help you climb easily are the options in God mode. But you can play BitLife and get a magnificent experience in the simulated world even without having the God mode in BitLife.

But if you have the God mode in BitLife, you can enjoy the game on a totally different level.

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