What does Discipline in BitLife Mean?

There are several hidden stats in BitLife, and discipline is one of them. Most of the BitLife players do not even know that a stat named discipline exists. But yet it affects the BitLife character played by the player. We will discuss what discipline is meant in BitLife.

The discipline stat in BitLife is a hidden trait that affects how easily people can avoid taking up addictions, how good your educational performances are, and how well you perform in your professional career.

Now let’s go more deeply into the discipline stat in BitLife.

discipline in bitlife

Impact of Having High Discipline in BitLife

Characters who have a high discipline stat will generally perform better in school and work, reducing their chance of addiction. And they are less vulnerable to the diseases like STD.

Impact of Having Low Discipline in BitLife

Low discipline stat will make the character more vulnerable to harmful addictions and low performance in life.

How to Increase Discipline Stat in BitLife?

There are no specific ways in BitLife to improve the discipline stat. But you have a higher chance of increasing your discipline levels if you keep practicing Meditation regularly.

meditate bitlife

But addictions such as gambling, alcohol, prostitution, and drugs can severely decrease your discipline stat levels. So you need to stay away from these addictions if you want to maintain a higher discipline stat.

How to Check Your Current Discipline Stat?

You can check your current levels of the discipline stat by the meditation section. Go to the Mind & Body section in the Activities tab and select Meditation. When you meditate, you will be able to see your current discipline levels.

If you are in the God Mode of the BitLife, you can easily see and customize the discipline levels of the characters you want. But you will lose the fun of playing a random character in BitLife by doing so.

bitlife discipline


So as we explained, discipline is a crucial factor for a successful life in both the real world and the BitLife world. So pay attention and keep in mind this hidden stat, is hidden yet it impacts your life.

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