Royalty in BitLife – Complete Guide

In BitLife, you can now have the chance to become a Royal and use your power to lead a kingdom. As King or Queen, you will give people across your land commands and lots of responsibility – they’re going to listen because you’re the head of the monarchy after all!

To be born in a royal family means that you get access to lots of things that other people don’t. You’ll have plenty of luxury items and money to spend anywhere you want. 

This privilege is the same even in the BitLife world. Unfortunately, there’s no secret to being born into royalty, so it’s random chance instead. You can’t decide whether you are going to be born into a royal family or not.

royalty in bitlife

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Become King or Queen in BitLife

There are only two ways to become royalty in BitLife. One is born into a royal family, while the other is marrying someone from a royal family. 

These two methods are the only two ways to get the royal titles in BitLife without the God Mode.

How to Born as Royalty in BitLife?

However, In BitLife, your character can only start as royalty if they are born in one of the countries listed below. If your character is not born in any of those countries, whether you refresh their choices or not, they will never be royalty.

  • Norway
  • UAE
  • United Kingdom
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sweden
  • Thailand
  • Spain
  • Kuwait
  • Malaysia
  • Jordan
  • Monaco
  • Denmark
  • Morocco
  • Netherlands
  • Japan
  • Belgium

Please make sure to pick one of these countries. If your character does not born into a royal family, you can start a new life and try again in the same country. These countries in BitLife are the only countries that have royalty. 

As long as you pick one of these options, you’re all set to be born with royalty in BitLife.

Is it Rare to be Born a Royal in BitLife?

Born royalty is a rare thing in BitLife. First, you need to be born in a specific country that runs by a king. That is the primary requirement to be born as a royal in BitLife. But even you are born in a kingdom; it is your luck to be born in a royal family.

marry a royal bitlife

How to Marry a Royalty in BitLife?

In BitLife – while it is certainly possible to be born into a royal family, not everyone will have the good fortune of being so lucky. However, fans can still hope to enter a royal family by marrying into one.

Our advice to anyone looking to marry into a royal family in BitLife is to become a famous person. Becoming a famous person in BitLife, you achieve the famous ribbon after reaching a specific level in your career. But not every job allows you to become famous in BitLife.

So you need to pursue specific careers like Modeling, Acting, or Singing to become famous in Bitlife one day.

For those looking to marry royalty, higher values in these two stats are a must. They’ll need to go to the gym to work out regularly and take walks to raise their meters. Practicing martial arts is also a great way of going about it.

Players can also change their looks by visiting the plastic surgeon or getting a new style at the salon. So for that, you need a good amount of money in your possession. So work on freelance gigs and part-time jobs when you are at the high school. That will speed up the process.

After achieving fame & good health and look, it’s crucial to maintain these aspects through social media posts and stay active. But continue working on keeping these levels high always.

Now, all they have to do is wait for a member of a royal family in BitLife to contact them and begin the romance from there.

How to Date Royalty in BitLife?

There is another way to begin a romance with royalty. Players can take more of an active approach and search for one themselves. But you don’t always get that chance. If you are lucky, you will find a royal family member in the dating section. You have to go to the Date section in the Activities and Love menu in the BitLife game.

You may increase your chances of marrying royalty if you are born in the specific country mentioned in the above list or emigrate into one of those countries later in your life.

It is difficult to marry into a royal family, but the benefits and the wealth you gain with it are incomparable. You can become a billionaire.

Can Your Children be Royal in BitLife?

Your children are royal either if you are royal in BitLife or they marry into a royal family. So if you are a royal, your children would definitely be royal. As mentioned above, you are either born into a royal family or marry a royal so that your children would be royal.

Become a Princess in Bitlife

First, you should have a female life when you get a new life to become a princess. To become a princess in BitLife, you either need to be born into a royal family. Or you should marry a prince from a royal family.

Your chances of becoming a princess in BitLife would increase if you were born in a specific country in BitLife where there is a royal family. Otherwise, you will need to emigrate to such a country. You can find the list of such countries at the top of this post.

Royalty Respect in BitLife

royal respect bitlife

For an average person in BitLife, you have four primary stat to show the status of your character. But if you are a royal, you get another particular stat as a royal. The fifth stat below your four basic stats is Respect. You can tell someone is a royal in BitLife if you find respect stat in that character. 

To increase this stat, you require to treat your loved ones right and do good things around the citizens. If you do so, you will see the respect levels will increase naturally. And the respect levels can likewise decrease on their own as you get older if you bully your people, talk, or brawl with your siblings.

But if you want to make Respect go up or down on your wish, the best way is by choosing the Public Service and Public Disservice options.

Richest Royals in BitLife

Monaco is the country in BitLife where the richest royals live. The Prince of Monaco makes more than 41 million dollars in a year. And the inherited wealth is way higher than that.

The other richest royals live in UAE, United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia.

Inherit the Throne in BitLife – Royalty Hierarchy

royal ranks bitlife

The throne in BitLife inherits to proper order. When the parent king dies, the throne goes to the queen or the eldest son. In most cases, the younger siblings do not get a chance to rule the country.

When your character is born into a royal family, you have to patiently wait till you get the throne from your parents. But it can take several decades. So younger siblings or children tend to kill their siblings or parents to get the throne.

But when you become the rightful heir of your family, you might not necessarily be the most important or highest-ranking person in your country. There are several titles and ranks in the BitLife line of succession.

  • Baron
  • Husband – if you married into a royalty
  • Viscount
  • Earl
  • Marquis
  • Duke
  • Prince/ Princess
  • Emperor

From the above list, King, Queen, Emperor, Empress, Emir, and Emira are the most influential titles.

When your character is in one of these ranks, there are many things you can do by ruling a country, regularly executing people, and dealing with laws. It can be challenging to track how the latter two affect the population in general, though.

If your character has a child, they will be a prince, princess, duke, or duchess.

Move up in Royalty BitLife

It’s much better to be at the top of the country than down below in the ranking hierarchy. You can’t take your place without killing your parent, which means you need to do whatever it takes to get the throne.

Taking out family members in the game is a lot like killing any other person. Just because you happen to be royalty doesn’t get you through this any faster. You have to wait until your character reaches level 14 before you can even attempt it.

If you’re ready, try going over to the Activities tab and choosing Commit a Crime. From there, you should have a list of options for committing murder, including your parents or older sibling. People sometimes get caught and go to jail.

Unfortunately, we can’t control when this happens, and if you commit murder, your character will likely be sent there, too, whether you are a royalty or not.

However, if you could successfully eliminate your family member and taking the crown comes with lots of benefits, when you become the throne, you’ll get all of the wealth and power that inherited from the crown.

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