Become a Famous Model in BitLife – Supermodel Guide

In BitLife, you can be famous in several career paths. Being a supermodel is one of them. Your Look is the most crucial factor if you want to become a model in your real world. Even in BitLife, you must have a perfect look if you’re going to start your life as a model.

You can be a famous model in BitLife. To become a famous model, you must have a perfect look when starting your career and need to maintain your Look throughout your modeling career. You need to fulfill three primary conditions in your infant life of the BitLife if you want to be a supermodel. The first one is your new life should be female. The second condition is to have more than 90% of ‘Looks’ levels. The third and most critical condition to become a famous model is to start your career in the modeling industry. Initially, you can start as a Foot Model.

You can be a famous person in several career paths in BitLife. You can be a famous actor, famous author, famous journalist or a famous model. We will discuss how to be a famous model in BitLife with this article.

become a famous model in bitlife

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Steps to Become a Famous Model in BitLife

If you plan to become a supermodel or become a famous model in BitLife, you have to start from your birth. First, you need to be a female character. And it is essential to having a more than 95% level in your ‘Looks’ field since your birth. Otherwise, you may face difficulties while increasing it.

Hint: You can get a new life until you get a female character with 90%+ Looks value

Your other values, like Smartness, are not essential if your path is to become a famous model. If you do not have a born advantage for your Look, you have to work hard and improve your Look when you are looking for a job.

bitlife infant

When you are at secondary school, you can do part-time jobs and freelance gigs to earn money. And you can spend that money on plastic surgeries to improve your Look. It is crucial to have more than 95% in the Looks value when you are looking for a job.

bitlife plastic surgery

When you passed out from secondary school, you can look for a job. Do not spend your time on studies further or Universities. Apply straight for a job. If you are lucky, you can apply for a foot model job directly after passing out from secondary school.

But sometimes you need to spend 1 or 2 years in a different job before you can apply for a Foot Model job. Becoming a Dancer is an excellent intermediate job. But make sure you are maintaining that maximum possible level for your Look.

If you had to choose an intermediate job, make sure to look for the Foot Model job every year. If you maintain 100% Looks value, you can easily apply for a Foot Model job and get selected for it.

bitlife foot model

Once you become a foot model, make sure to work hard every year. Working hard is the key to success in any industry you are in. And make sure to maintain the highest levels for the Looks property. You can spend the money you earn by working as a Foot Model to have plastic surgeries, which will ultimately improve your Look.

foot model at bitlife

Working hard on your modeling job while maintaining over 95% Looks value will guide you to the success of your career path as a model. Make sure to select the ‘Work Harder’ option every year on your Job menu to Work hard while maintaining your great Look.

bitlife work harder

If you work hard and maintain your Look, you can easily climb through your industry ladder. Within a few years, you can be a Hand Model. And then, you will be promoted to a Catalog Model.

bitlife hand model
bitlife catalog model

After working hard for a few more years while maintaining your good Look, you will be promoted to a Lingerie Model. All these promotions will include an excellent salary with it.

bitlife lingerie model
bitlife runway model

Your next promotion will be a Runway Model. Hopefully, you will be able to become Famous after a few years of becoming a Runway model. Now we have a Supermodel in BitLife.

bitlife supermodel

Your career path to becoming a famous model will be like below;

Foot Model -> Hand Model -> Catalog Model -> Lingerie Model -> Runway Model -> Supermodel

Hopefully, you should be able to get this supermodel title to become your life’s 40th year in the BitLife. Having 100% in the Looks is the key thing while working hard on your career to become a success.

Life of a Supermodel in BitLife

supermodel fame bitlife

Becoming a supermodel is not an easy task at all. You will have to spend several decades of your life in BitLife on becoming a famous model. But becoming a famous model is a great thing like in the real world. You can earn a fortune by becoming a supermodel. In simple terms, you can be a BitLife millionaire by becoming a famous model.

A supermodel will get a high paying chances for photoshoot and commercials. Both of these and the talk shows are three great ways to improve your fame while earning huge money. Read more on fame here.

bitlife commercial

You need to engage in the above activities to maintain your fame and keep the supermodel title with you. If you improve your fame and your Look, you can keep the supermodel title without until you are retired. At your retirement, most probably, you will be entitled to a pension with a considerable amount, which will help you to live a wealthy retirement life.

As a famous and wealthy model in BitLife, you can engage in charity work. This charity work also essential to maintain your fame and happiness.

After becoming a supermodel, you need to work more to maintain and improve your fame. This article will guide you on how to improve your fame after you become famous in BitLife.

BitLife Profile When Becoming a Famous Model


You will be able to achieve the “Model” career. BitLife gives you the Career titles, only if you spend two decades on the same career in BitLife. To become a Supermodel, you need to spend nearly fifteen years in your career, and when you work a few more years as a supermodel, you can get the “Model” Career for your BitLife collections.


bitlife millionaire

You can gain ‘Millionaire’ achievement after you become a supermodel. Despite your salary as a supermodel, you have multiple ways to earn lots of money as a Supermodel. So becoming a Millionaire is a simple task once you become a Supermodel. Even you can get the “My Second Million” achievement if you spend several years as a Supermodel.

If you work hard to improve your fame after becoming a Supermodel and achieve a 100% fame level, you can get the “Brightest Star” achievement. For that, any famous person needs to get a 100% fame level.

Being a Supermodel will improve the quality of your life. It will enhance your happiness, health, and Smartness too. So if you achieve 100% for all the happiness, health, Smartness, and Looks level, you can gain the Perfection achievement as a Supermodel in BitLife.

Read the Complete guide to BitLife Achievements here.


bitlife famous ribbon

Once you become a famous model in BitLife, you will activate the ‘Famous’ ribbon for your profile. It is one of the forty ribbons you can enable in BitLife.


Become a famous person is not a simple task in real life. Even in BitLife – Life simulation game, become a famous person is a tough task. You should have lots of dedication towards it and spend most of the time in your life. Becoming a famous model is another tough task in BitLife. But it is possible to achieve it. You need to focus on your Look in your entire life. And you need to work hard in your career.

But all those dedication will pay off once you become a supermodel. Money and fame will follow you when you become a Supermodel, and you will be a millionaire in no time.

Here we have presented you a step by step guide to become a Supermodel so that you will become a famous model without wasting and time on this BitLife game.

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