Get rich in BitLife – 6 Methods to get 100 Million

Becoming a multi-millionaire in the real world is not an easy task. But in BitLife, you can be a multi-millionaire without big effort. Making 100 million in BitLife is not as tough as making 100 million in the real world, so getting rich in BitLife also not a tough task. But you need to adhere to several paths if you need to become rich in BitLife.

There are several ways you can make 100 million in BitLife. These paths are important as they are the methods that will make you rich in BitLife. If you practice these methods in Bitlife, you could apply some of the same techniques in your real life to grow your financials in your real life.

If you are not born rich, you can try one of the six methods listed below to get 100 million in BitLife.

  • Become Famous in your Career
  • Invest in Real Estate
  • Gambling
  • Marrying old & rich person
  • Heirlooms
  • Playing the Lottery

Now let’s discuss the above methods in detail.

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Become Famous in your Career

Become famous in your career is the best way to become rich in BitLife. Become with this method, you will not only earn big money, but also you will build a huge reputation in the society. Becoming a superstar is not an easy task. And you will not be able to do it in every career path. There are four identified careers in BitLife, which can make you a super famous and rich.

Those four career paths to become famous in BitLife are,

  • Model
  • Actor
  • Author/Writer
  • Journalist

If you become a superstar in your career, you would get several legitimate ways to earn a huge sum of money. You can act in commercials and photo shoots. Producers of these commercials will pay you millions if you become a famous model in BitLife. And you can participate in talk shows because of your fame.

Even you can write books, and they will easily sell because of your popularity as a famous author in BitLife, and they will make you millions.

Apart from the ways mentioned above to earn money as a supermodel or a superstar, you can join production companies. Those contracts value millions. So they will easily make you more than 100 million and make you super-rich in your life in the BitLife.

Invest in Real Estate

This method is an investing method. First, you have to earn some money if you need to invest in real estate. Making your initial money will be hard. You are lucky if you have inherited money from your parents. Otherwise, you will need to start making money in your school life.

You can do freelance gigs even in your school life. If you are maintaining a good academic level at your school, you can be a freelance tutor with a higher hourly rate. If you are not that good in your academics, you can even be a dog walker. But the hourly paying rate is comparatively less than a tutor. But you can start building your initial funds by becoming a dog walker in your school-age as a freelancer.

If you are fourteen years old, you can do part-time jobs. By combining part-time employment and freelance gigs, you can earn a good amount of money when passing out of school.

But that money will not be enough to invest in real estate. So it would be best if you got a high paying job to build your initial funds. For that, you need to go to College and University to get your professional qualifications. If you have professional qualifications, you can easily get a corporate job with a higher salary.

Now you have a high paying job, and you need to build a fund to invest in real estate. So you need to save more money from your career rather than wasting your money on luxury and unnecessary things.

Once you pile up an adequate amount of cash to invest in real estate, you can start your investments. But the best pieces of real estate you can buy with the money you have. Renovate the houses if they need to modify them. Then either you can rent out them or sell them at a much higher price after several years. Then you can buy more real estate with the money you earn by them.

This way, you can make millions by investing in real estate without much hard work.

You can apply the same practice in your real life to invest in real estate and make money.


blackjack casino bitlife

Gambling is the riskiest way to become a super-rich in BitLife. It can make you 100 million overnight and even can make you a beggar overnight. So it would be best if you played Casino with a calculated risk. Unfortunately, BitLife developers have removed the Gambling feature from the iOS version of the game.

You need to have an Android version in your Android phone or PC of the BitLife app to play this. And you need to be 18 years old to play Casino on BitLife. Now you need to visit the blackjack tables in the Casino. The more you win, the higher you can bet so that you can earn millions of cash from Gambling in BitLife.

Hint: In the BitLife game, you have tricks to play blackjacks without losing money. Follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the blackjacks table in Casino
  2. Place the highest bet. Higher the bet you place, the higher the win.
  3. Play the game
  4. If you win, leave the Casino. The app will save the money you win.
  5. If you lose the hand, close the BitLife app from your phone, even from the background. This trick will prevent losing your money.
  6. Now reopen the BitLife app and re-visit the Casino. Place your highest bet, and repeat the steps above.

With this trick, this has become the easiest method to become a billionaire in BitLife. But Gambling is the riskiest method to become rich in the real world.

Marrying old & rich person

This method is the most unethical and abnormal method to become rich in BitLife and the real world. If you do not want to work hard for money, but you need to have a luxury life, you can marry someone very rich. But for that you might need to migrate into a rich country.

Most of the time, you have to find an older person, because young and rich people do not want this kind of marriage. And after the death of your old spouse, you can be the single owner of their whole wealth.

If you are 18 years old, you can start using the dating apps in BitLife. But to use dating apps and attract the wealthy opposite gender person, you need to be very good in your Look. So work hard to improve your Look. You can go to the gym and workout to improve your Look and health. And go to the saloon to improve your Look.

When searching someone in the dating app in BitLife, put the desired age and income to higher levels. Otherwise, your expectations will not meet by the search results. If you find someone with these criteria, have a strong relationship with them. If the other person agreed to marry you, you would become rich by marriage. As the other person is too old than you, you will someday be the owner of their wealth.

That is why this method becomes the most unethical way to become rich in BitLife.


Heirlooms in BitLife are the inherited gifts from your parents and grandparents. You might not receive then at your birth. You are lucky if you could receive an heirloom worth millions. But those are very rare. And not everyone will receive them. If you could have one, you can sell them and get rich overnight.

heirloom bitlife

Playing the Lottery

Winning a lottery in BitLife is purely based on your luck as well as in real life. The good Karma you gained in BitLife will have a big impact here. But if you could win a Lottery, you can be super-rich overnight. And you can invest the money on real estate and multiply the cash you win from the lottery. So while following other methods to become super-rich, you can play the Lottery in BitLife. It might cost you a few hundred cash. But if you win, you will become super rich overnight.

You can read our BitLife Lottery guide here.

The above six different methods can get you 100 million in BitLife. But you need to follow at least one of these methods for several years until it makes you super-rich.

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