What is the Most Valuable Heirloom in BitLife?

You can find family heirlooms using a flashlight in your attic. There are several common heirlooms you could easily get. Once you find an heirloom, it will add to your assets list. You can sell it at any time you want. Either you can keep it or donate the heirloom to anyone you wish. Most of the common heirloom you can find are not worthy. But there are several heirloom which worth millions and billions.

The most valuable heirloom in the BitLife game is the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail worth about 1.2 Billion in the BitLife market. But the chances of getting this heirloom is very rare. Probably you won’t get this Holy Grail heirloom even if you play BitLife in your whole lifetime. But if you could get this heirloom, your life in BitLife could become a billionaire overnight.

The other most valuable heirloom in BitLife is the Ark of the Covenant. On average, it worth about 125 million. All the other heirlooms worth less than 100 million in BitLife.

Holy Grail Heirlooms in BitLife

Other heirlooms which worth millions are as below.

HeirloomNet Worth
Holy Grail1.2 billion
Ark of the Covenant125 million
Charlemagne’s crown30 million
1702 Stradivarius violin8.8 million
Galileo’s Telescope3.5 million
Louis Armstrong’s trumpet2.5 million
Duke Silver’s Tenor Saxophone2 million
10-Carat Diamond1.5 million

You have the freedom to sell or keep the heirloom with you. Even if you keep it without selling, the heirloom value will add to your net worth. So having a million worth heirloom will make you a millionaire in BitLife even if you do not own thousand dollars in your pockets.

You need to note that your friends could borrow your heirloom. You can give your heirloom to your friends. But if they lose it, you too will lose the heirloom. So be careful when you handover your heirlooms to your friends.

Donating your heirlooms will increase your Karma. So that you will get good luck in the future.

There is an heirloom called the Lucky Dice. It does not worth much financially. But the owner you owns the lucky dice will get the luck on some occasions in his life. You might have a higher chance of winning a lottery if you have the Lucky Dice in your procession. So even it doesn’t have a financial value, having it in your possession could worth millions.

What are BitLife Heirlooms

Heirlooms in BitLife are the random items you could get by finding in your attic. They are owned by your family and left unattended. You need to find them in the attic using a flashlight. There are rare heirlooms worth millions and billions. But most of the heirloom worth a few dollars.


Finding heirlooms is a minigame inside the BitLife. But it has a huge impact on the player if he found a valuable heirloom. Some heirlooms like the Holy Grail, worth billions of dollars. While some heirloom does not have a financial value, they can bring luck for the owner who owns the heirloom. The Lucky Dice is an example for that. You could have a higher chance to win millions of dollars’ worth of lotteries if you own this one dollar worth Lucky Dice.

So playing this minigame to find the family heirlooms is an interesting play in the BitLife game.

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