Become a President in BitLife – With Special Tip

Becoming a president of a democratic country is a dream for any person. But at least you can be a president in a simulated world. Becoming a president is a blessing in BitLife because it will make you a successful and influential person in the BitLife globe.

The essential requirement to be a president in BitLife is to have the Bitizenship in the BitLife game. Becoming a president in BitLife is a premium feature in the game. So that is why you need to purchase the Bitizenship to become a president in BitLife.

The other primary requirement is, you need to be born in a democratic country. The USA is the best country in the BitLife for your mission of becoming a president as the USA is a democratic and one of the richest countries in the BitLife globe.

And make sure to follow a political career since your school time.

Now let’s see how we can become a president in BitLife.

president in bitlife

How to Become a President in BitLife

Step 1: To be a President in BitLife. First, you have to get Bitizenship. You have to pay USD 4.99 for it as this is a premium feature of the game. 

Step 2:  Now start a new life in a democratic country like the United States or Mexico with decent stats on smartness and looks.

Step 3: Go to school and study hard. Also, you should go to the gym as much as possible to keep your appearance at a higher level. Good looking personality can attract people much easily. So both smartness and a good look are essential in your political career in the long run.

Step 4: After you graduate high school, you can go right into politics or university. But we prefer to go to the university as proper education is crucial as you plan to become the President in BitLife one day.

Step 5: Study Political Science, English, or History in university. It will improve your chances in your political career in BitLife.

Further, you can go to Business or Law school. It will also help you to achieve your goal. Moreover, keep your smarts up always. 

Law school would be necessary as becoming a lawyer is a crucial factor in this journey to become the President of the country.

Step 6: Earn some money during this period as you will need more money for your campaigns. Actually, you will need a lot of money in the future. So even when you are in high school, do some freelance gigs to earn some cash.

Step 7: You can become a lawyer or run for things like the School Board of Directors. Further, you can also go for other political positions. Now, this is the time for you to officially start your political career and earn the initial money you need for the campaigns of your political career.

You will need millions of dollars in this journey, so while working as a lawyer, do your best and earn as much as possible while doing other entry-level political work.

Step 8: You can use various social media platforms to promote yourself to become famous and boost your political career for exposure. Post on social media as much as you can, at least a few times a year. Maintain quality social media profiles is an essential factor for your political career.

Active social media profiles are not only to become the President of the country but also to be the Mayor of your city; you should have a quality and active social media profile with at least 10000 followers.

Step 9: Once you are rich and have a good amount of money, you can contest to become a Mayor. Becoming the Mayor is the first and the most critical step in your journey to becoming the country’s President. 

The campaign to become the Mayor would cost you a minimum of $500000. So you need to earn that amount before contesting for the mayorship.

Step 10: To be a president in the United States, you must wait until 35 years old. But if you are trying another country, you will need to look up a particular country’s rules. So, promote yourself through social media and your political work until you become 35 years old.

Step 11: After you become a famous Politician, it will give you the Fame bar. But once you get fame, don’t do any of the options available while elected.  

Further, continue generating as much money as possible because it will ultimately help you with your final campaign. You can either work hard for money or get funds for your campaign.

Step 12: Generate money with your fame by doing talk shows and writing Books. If your fame comes into the 90%, you can earn over million dollars by writing best-selling books and become a billionaire!

Presenting and participating in TV talk shows and writing books is essential to increase your fame and popularity. And those are the tool that makes you popular among your voters.

Then collect up at least in the 2million before trying to become President.

Step 13: Set a campaign budget. Make sure to set it around at least two million dollars for success. 

Step 14: Run for President and start your final campaign

Step 15: Once you get elected, observe you’re Approval Ratings. Because if you are selected, you can boost your approval ratings.

Special Tip

Getting a ticket is heavily depends on your luck. Hence, most of the time, you will have to try several attempts to get your ticket. So do not give up if you failed one or two times. Even in the real world, some presidents had to try till they are 60 or 70 years old to get the ticket for the presidential election.

But we will give you a special tip to make this easy.

If you could not get on a presidential election ticket, you should immediately exit the game and close it fully! Then start the game again on your mobile. It will allow you to recuperate your money. 

Once you become a president, you can do everything you previously did to up your Approval Ratings.

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