How to Buy a Llama in BitLife? – Step by Step Guide

The Llama in BitLife is a South-Americal animal. In BitLife, you can have pets. And you can have a llama animal as a pet too. 

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Pets in BitLife

The Bitlife game allows you to have different types of animals as pets. The different types of animals are as below.

  • Dogs – Labrador Retriever, Bulldog, Doberman Pinscher, Pomeranian
  • Cats – House Cat, Persian Cat
  • Llamas – Llama, Alpaca
  • Horses – Unicorn, Pony, American Quarter Horse
  • Birds – Canary, Lovebird, Parrot
  • Fish – Betta Fish, Gold Fish
  • Rodents – Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Rat
  • Reptiles – Ball Python, Turtle, Corn Snake
  • Exotic Animals – Bengal Tiger, Black Panther, Lion

Ways of Getting a Pet in BitLife

There are four main ways you can get a pet.

  1. You can shop for a pet and purchase one.
  2. There are random scenarios in BitLife that you will find a pet.
  3. You’ll receive a random notification from the BitLife app that a pet is scratching your door. If you could open the app without much delay, you could have that pet.
  4. Your parents will offer you a pet.
buy a llama in bitlife

How do You Get a Pet Llama in Bitlife?

Even though we have several ways to have a pet in BitLife, we have to follow some specific steps to buy a llama as our pet. Your parents won’t gift you a llama, or you can’t directly go to a pet shop and buy a llama in BitLife. Following are the specific steps you have to follow if you plan to buy a llama in BitLife.

Live in a South American Country

First, you should live in a South American country if you plan to buy a llama one day. So you have to select a new life until that character is born in a South American country. 

We found that Chile is a suitable country to have a llama. But if you are lucky enough, you can migrate to a South American country if you were born in a different country.

Learn more about the emigration process in BitLife here.

Born to a Wealthy Family

It would be a great advantage if you were born to a wealthy family. Because to buy a llama, you have to spend a large sum of money. If you are going to earn that money, your character has to do a job for years till he becomes rich. So the best thing is to have wealthy parents. 

You can start a new life until you are born to wealthy parents in a South American country.

Buy a Farm or an Equestrian Property

If you want to buy a Llama in BitLife., your character needs to own a farm or an equestrian property. You’ll need the wealth you gained from your wealthy parents when buying this property.

You can go shopping to buy a farm from the Assets section of the Bitlife screen.

llama farm in bitlife

Buying a Llama as a Pet

Now you own a farm which you can raise your llama as a pet. It is time for you to go shopping for a llama. From the Activities tab in the Bitlife game, you can go to the Pets section. There you can select a Llama Farm. Now Bitlife will show you available llamas for you to buy as a pet.

You can buy a llama from this Bitlife farm. A llama would cost at least $10000. So make sure you have enough money left with you after purchasing a farm.

You are a proud owner of a llama in BitLife.

No Probllama Achievement

When you buy a llama in BitLife, you will unlock a new achievement named No Probllama. You can add this achievement to your achievements list in the BitLife game.

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