Friends and Enemies in BitLife – Complete Guide

BitLife allows you to simulate all your relationships in the BitLife world. You can make friends and later make them your enemies as well. It is entertaining to manage these relationships in BitLife.

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How to Make Friends in BitLife?

You have to wait to make friends on your own until you go to school. Meanwhile, BitLife will suggest you become friends with a few random people and accept these requests to become friends with them.

Once you are at school, you can go to the School activities tab and then to the Classmates tab. In here you can see your classmates. You can select one and choose Befriend activity from the activities list, which pops up next.

If you are in a job, you can go to the Job Menu and Select your Job. Next, you need to go to the Co-Workes tab, and it will show you your co-workers. Select one co-worker you need to befriend with. Next, select Befriend activity from the list.

This way you can make lots of friends from your school and your workplace. The next step is to maintain and increase your relationship with your friends.

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Increase Relationship with Friends in BitLife

Becoming a friend with someone is easy, but maintaining that friendship needs some commitment even in the BitLife world. You need to spend time with your friends, have conversations with them, compliment them, and gift them every possible time to maintain your friendship and increase your relationship.

Go to the Relationships tab in the BitLife app select the friend you want to increase your relationship. Now you have several options on the menu to grow your relationship with your friend. You can spend time together and have a conversation, or you can gift or compliment your friend.

Do these actions every year to your friends whom you want to increase your friendship. Every friendship needs a commitment. This is how BitLife gives us this message.

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How to Remove Friends in BitLife?

Sometimes you might get fed up with your friends. So you’ll need to remove your friends. If you want to get alone for some time, you might want to unfriend a few friends. So let’s see how to unfriend a friend in BitLife.

To remove a friend in BitLife, go to the Relationship tag and select the person you want to Unfriend. Then scroll down, and you will see the Unfriend option in the menu. That option will allow you to unfriend the person you want.

How to Make Enemies in BitLife?

Enemies are not only limited to the real world. You can also have enemies in the BitLife world. To make an enemy, first, they need to be your friend. 

To make a friend an enemy in BitLife, go to the Relationships tab in the app and select the friend you need to change to an enemy. Next, select the Change our Status from the pop-up screen, which shows your friend’s profile. Now, you can change the status of your relationship to Enemies.

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How to Get a Best Friend in BitLife?

The process of getting a best friend in BitLife is almost the same as making a friend an enemy. But not every time your friends, will not accept you as a best friend. So you have to commit to your friendship and make your relationship stronger.

To make a best friend, first, you need to commit to your relationship with that friend. Increase the relationship with your friend by spending time together and having conversations. You can compliment them and gift them as well to increase the friendship.

To increase your relationship with your friends you might have to gift several times. These gifts will cost you some money. So you should have some cash with you.

Go to your friend’s profile that you want to make the best friend using the Relationships tab in BitLife and choose to Change our Status. Then choose Best Friend. If you had a good relationship with your friend, they might accept you as their best friend. 

But it is not guaranteed. Sometimes they might have another best friend. If they reject, you can commit more to increase your relationship with them and try again. If they keep rejecting you even while having 100% relationship status, you might have to choose another friend to become the best friend.

Sometimes when you have a 100% relationship level with your friend, they might ask you to best their best friend. So you don’t need to worry about requesting them to become your best friend. 

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Can you Have More than One Best Friend in BitLife?

You can have many friends in BitLife. But BitLife does not allow you to have more than one friend as the best friend in BitLife. So you need to limit the number of best friends to only one in the BitLife world.

How to Get Rid of an Enemy in BitLife?

The best way to get rid of an enemy in BitLife is to become friends with them. But most of the time, it won’t work. Even though you agree to become friends with your enemy, the other party won’t agree. But you can’t unfriend an enemy in BitLife.

So the only thing you are left with is to improve the relationship with them and become friends again. For that, you need to commit to improving your relationship. 

The best thing you can do is compliment them and gift them as much as possible. When you do this several times a year, and when you get older, your enemy might agree to become a friend again. But it is not guaranteed too.

Final Words

Even in the real world, making friends is easy. But maintaining friendship is the hardest part. You need to commit to your relationships with your friends if you want to keep them as good friends. 

Complimenting your friends, giving gifts, and spending time together will increase the relationship between you and your friend. Once it reaches 100%, you two can become best friends if both parties agree.

To make an enemy in BitLife, first, you need to befriend them. You can only make an enemy from your friends. 

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