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If you are addicted to BitLife and play it a lot, you might consider purchasing the game’s premium features. Bitizenship is a premium feature in the BitLife game which costs real money, and it unlocks several premium features of the game.

Currently, Bitizenship costs you $7.99 real money, but this price can vary with time and the version of the game you use. The most important thing is, this is a one-time payment and not a recurring or monthly payment.

You will become a Bitizen once you purchase Bitizenship. Bitizenship and God mode are different premium features in BitLife.

bitizenship in bitlife

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Is BitLife Bitizen Worth it?

Bitizenship is worth it if you are a frequent player of the BitLife game. The best thing about becoming a Bitizen is you will get an ad-free experience. We all know it is how distracting the ads in the BitLife gameplay are.

Sometimes you need to watch advertisements and videos even to complete some actions in your life when playing BitLife. Apart from the Ads-free experience, you’ll have the chance to experience some unique features like Exotic pets, joining Prison gangs, etc. which non-bitizen players can not have.

So if you can afford the Bitizenship price, becoming a BitLife Bitizen is worth it.

BitLife Bitizen Perks

You will get several perks when you purchase the Bitizenship. All these perks are great tools if you are a frequent player of the BitLife game.

  • You can get an excellent BitLife experience without any advertisements
  • As a Bitizen, you can enable the Dark Mode of the game. It is an awesome feature to play the game at night.
  • When you buy the Bitizenship, you can get Exotic Pets.
  • No Need to Share on your real Social Media to get verified social media profiles in BitLife.
  • Pet Store & Breeders
  • Boss Interactions at work
  • Bitizens can Hire Hitmen.
  • Teacher Interactions at School
  • Join Prison Gangs if you are in a Prison as a Bitizen.
  • Bitizens can play for Unlimited Generations.
  • Go through the eye examination and visit an optometrist
  • Bitizens can Interact with any level of Mafia. Even the godfather.
  • Only the Bitizens in Bitlife can join a Musical Band.
  • Bitizens can Change their Appearance.
  • You can Enhance your Performance if you have the Bitizenship.
bitlife bitizenship

How do I Get Bitizenship?

Getting the Bitizenship in BitLife is straightforward. You can select Become a BITIZEN button on the top right corner of the main screen of the BitLife app. Then a new screen will appear, and select Get it Now! Button. Then it will deduct the Bitizenship fee from the card you have linked with your google play or app store. 

Congratulations! Now you are a proud Bitizen of the BitLife world.

Difference Between Bitizenship and God Mode

In the BitLife app, Bitizenship and the God Mode are two different things. Bitizenship makes you a fully privileged bitizen of the BitLife world. It is like becoming a citizen of a country. You get all the privileges, including voting power, if you become a citizen.

So if you become a bitizen in BitLife, you can have all privileges in the BitLife world. You can consume locked privileges like interacting with people in the BitLife world, including your teacher at the school and a mafia boss.

But God mode is different than BitLife. Activating God mode is not like becoming a citizen in a country. It is like becoming the God of the whole universe. When you get the god mode, you become the God in the BitLife universe, and you can even make changes for the characters around you.

So clearly, God mode and the Bitizenship are two different things.

Does Bitizenship Come with God Mode?

Bitizenship and God Mode are two different premium features in BitLife. Bitizenship does not come with the God mode in BitLife. If you want to activate both God Mode and the Bitizenship, you have to buy both of them separately.

Bitlife Bitizenship Gift

You can gift Bitizenship to your best friend in the BitLife world without costing any real money. But giving a Bitizenship is a tricky thing, and you need to follow specific steps for that.

To gift Bitizenship in BitLife, first, you need to make a best friend in BitLife. Then you have to join the BitLife team as a Junior App Developer in the BitLife world. Suppose you want your BitLife character to become an app developer in BitLife. In that case, he should get a computer science degree and move into Miami, Florida and apply for the Jr.App Developer position in BitLife. 

Once you get into a job in BitLife company, you can gift a Bitizenship to your best friend.

Please read our guide on how to make a best friend in BitLife.

How do I Restore Bitizenship?

If you had Bitizenship in your previous mobile phone or reset your phone, you can get back and restore the Bitizenship feature you had earlier. BitLife app has given an option to restore Bitizenship.

When you click the Become a BITIZEN button on the top right corner of the main screen, there will be a pop-up window. In that window, there is an option to Restore Earlier Purchases. When you click on that, you can restore the Bitizenship you had.


Having Bitizenship has become a must for every regular player of the game. Yes, you can still play the BitLife game without having the Bitizenship and having great fun as BitLife is a free game. But if you can spare several bucks, we strongly recommend you buy the Bitizenship as it will vastly improve your gaming experience with BitLife.

There are several vital perks you’ll get when you buy the Bitizenship in BitLife. Having an ads-free gaming experience is the prominent feature you’ll get when you become a Bitizen.

Apart from that, you can have several features which non-Bitizens can not have. You can have exotic pets which have the ability to change your appearance as a Bitizen. You can even join prison gangs if you are in prison, which ultimately helps you to escape the prison quickly.

So having the Bitizenship is an excellent thing if you are a regular BitLife player.

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