Become a Pilot in BitLife – Step by Step Guide

BitLife gives you the opportunity to explore several different careers, so you can work on what really interests you. Becoming president is just one option among many. Another, more enjoyable one might be becoming a pilot and taking people to different locations around the world. You get great prestige for this job, and it’s something that always makes people happy!

A pilot license is a primary thing you need to become a pilot in BitLife. You have to pass the Pilot’s test to obtain your pilot license. Below are other main requirements to become a pilot in BitLife.

  1. Pilot License
  2. Pilot Trainee Job
  3. University Degree
  4. Good Stats (especially in Smartness)

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Higher Smartness Needed to Become a Pilot

If you want to become a pilot in Bitlife, focusing on keeping your smart stat highest levels would be helpful. You can do this by reading a lot during your early years and studying. Studying hard in school is also beneficial. 

While you are at high school, make sure to work on freelance gigs and part-time jobs to earn some money. You’ll need money to get the pilot license before starting your career as a pilot trainee.

You’ll have a higher chance of getting accepted to a university if you maintain a higher level of Smartness since the early years of your character.

Read our guide on 9 steps to become more smarter in BitLife. 

What Degree Do I Need to Follow to Become a Pilot in BitLife?

When applying for the university, choose your degree wisely as you plan to become a pilot. You can either choose to major in biology or majoring in psychology. Biology or Psychology are the subjects you need to study and major for becoming a pilot in BitLife.

If you have enough smartness level, you could get a scholarship for the university to complete your degree. Now even in the university, you need to improve and maintain a higher smartness level. So visit the library once a year and select study harder once every year. Those actions would help you to keep your Smartness at a good level.

Once graduating from the university, you should apply for medical school. You’ll need to keep that high Smartness if you want to be accepted.

Spend your medical school years studying hard and visiting the library to maintain higher smartness levels. Make sure to stay out of trouble and stay out of jail. In any case, you have been caught by police and sent to prison, and you will have to start a new life in BitLife to become a pilot.

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How do I Get a Pilot License in BitLife?

Now you are a medical graduate, and it is time to apply for a pilot license. You can sign up for a pilot school from the activities tab in the BitLife game and need to complete 40 hours of flight lessons that you need as a BitLife pilot.

Once you complete the required 40 hours of flight lesson, you can take the pilot test. It will cost about $960.

You can pass the pilot test on BitLife if you can answer all the questions in the test. Fortunately, we have listed all the questions and answers that come for the pilot test.

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Pilot Test BitLife Answers

Q: What is the name of this flap on the horizontal stabilizer?

A: Elevator

Q: What is the name of this flap on the vertical stabilizer?

A: Rudder

Q: What is the force that counteracts the thrust force for flight?

A: Drag

Q: What is the force that counteracts the drag force for flight?

A: Thrust

Q: What is the term for the rotational movement of the nose of the plane?

A: Roll

Q: What is the nickname for the six basic aircraft instruments?

A: The Six Pack

Q: What’s the name of the Pilot’s are on the plane?

A: Cockpit

Q: What does the airfield landing marker of a red background, with a yellow line going from the right corner to the bottom left?

A: Land Cautiously

Q: What is the airfield landing marker of a red background and yellow cross?

A: Landing prohibited

Q: What is the airfield landing marker of a red background with two yellow lines down the middle?

A: Emergency Landing Only

Q: What is the aircraft marshal signal of crossing signals above their head?

A: Stop

Q: What is the aircraft marshal signal of right hand straight, left hand moving up?

A: Turn left

Q: What is the aircraft marshal signal of two hands up straight?

A: Continue straight

Q: What is the name of this pitot-static instrument that has vertical speed at the centre?

A: Vertical speed indicator (VSI)

Q: What is the name of this pitot-static instrument that has ALT at the centre?

A: Altimeter

Q: What is the name of this gyroscopic instrument with an aeroplane in the centre, with an L on the left and an R on the right?

A: Lean indicator

Q: What is the name of this gyroscopic instrument with the outline of an aeroplane at the centre?

A: Heading indicator

pilot trainee bitlife

Pilot Career

Once you pass the pilot test and having the degree and the pilot license, you can apply for a pilot trainee job. It is the first step and the entry point of the pilot career. If you have maintained a higher smartness level, you will get selected as a pilot trainee.

But the issue is we can not guarantee that you will have the option to apply for a pilot trainee. That job list is totally random, and we can not ensure that it will show the pilot trainee job. If you cannot find it, you can try it next year.

But we have a better tip, you can restart the app (close the app and open it again), and now the jobs list will be different than the previous one. So do this till you can apply for the pilot trainee job.

Once you start your career as a pilot trainee, all you have to do is hard work. Work hard every year so that you can get promotions. You can get promoted to Co-Pilot, then to Pilot in a few years. Now you have become a pilot in BitLife.

When you work hard as a pilot, you can get promoted to an airline captain in BitLife. Now you’ll unlock the pilot career achievement. After the airline captain, you can get promoted to the Chief Pilot position.

You will get a higher salary when you become an airline captain or a chief pilot. By investing that salary you can get rich in BitLife from your character.

Make sure to work hard on your career while maintaining a good relationship with your superiors and co-workers. That would help you to gain promotions without much hassle.

How do I get a Helicopter in BitLife?

The primary requirement to purchasing a helicopter in BitLife, is to have a pilot license. If you are a pilot who has a pilot licence, you can buy a helicopter if you accumulate enough wealth for it. 

You can find the Aircraft Brokers section in the Assets tab of the BitLife game. From that Aircraft Brokers section, you can purchase the helicopter you need.

If you do not have a pilot license, BitLife will not allow you to buy a helicopter.

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