BitLife Life Simulator – BitLife Cheats, Guides, Tips & Tricks

BitLife Life Simulator is one of the most famous mobile games available to download in Google Play and App Store. You can download BitLife on PC, and we will discuss it in the latter part of this guide. We have included all the BitLife Cheats, Guides and Tips you need in the BitLifie.

BitLife has the capability of simulating an entire lifetime of a human. This game simply calls as BitLife. BitLife developed by CandyWriter LLC in September 2018. Since then, this has been the most popular life simulator mobile game in the world.

BitLife Life Simulator

Even though BitLife uses a text-based simulation method, its playability has no impact and is a very addictive game.

At the start of the game, you will have a new life. Then year by year you have to acquire new skills and develop and live your life. You have to attend school then earn your own money.

In the simulated life, you might have illnesses like in the real world, and you have to get medicine. Meanwhile, you can start relationships and break-ups.

And can get into marriages and have children. Have vehicles and do sports. Go to movies and have entertainment. In the end, you will have a death like in real life due to various reasons.

The main lesson you can take from the BitLife game is learning from the past. You have the chance to try various types of lifestyles and decide what will be best. Doing good things will improve the BitLife Karma and it will give you more positive things in your life. Then you can apply those steps to your real life to improve your real life.

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How to play Bitlife

how to play bitlife

Playing BitLife is easy. As it is not a graphically rich complex game, anyone can quickly learn how to play BitLife fast. Messages are self-descriptive. Even a senior citizen can easily understand how to play BitLife.

To play BitLife, first, you have to download and install BitLife Life Simulator to your mobile phone or the PC. You don’t need to register or create new user accounts in BitLife. You can start playing immediately once the installation completed.

A life in BitLife is divided into four main phrases.

  • New Born
  • Childhood
  • Adulthood
  • Death

New Born – Infant

              Once you start the game, BitLife will give you a new life. It is a newborn baby with a new identity. You will get your name, parent details with the siblings. You can increase your age by pressing the ‘Age +’ button in the middle of the screen. Now you are eligible for the activities which can be done by an infant.


Year by year, you will have to build your life. There are four leading indicators of your life. Happiness, Health, Smarts, Looks. If you meet something wrong, one or several indicators of them might get reduced.

But you can work hard to improve those parameters. Having higher life values such as happiness, health, smartness, look levels is vital to improving your life. Apart from the above four parameters, your wealth and relationships are another two stats BitLife monitor.

Your main expectation is to complete in your childhood is to complete your studies and gain new skills which will later be necessary for your life targets.

For example, if you need to be an athlete, you should start sports in your college life. If you want to be a businessman or a medical doctor, you should follow the path for it in your childhood.

You can start a new sport. Go to the library to read books. Go to the gym to maintain your physical fitness. You can practice meditation. Even you can learn martial arts if you want.

So you can either have a life goal and work towards it, or just try almost everything you can try in your childhood and select one path for your adulthood.

You can do part-time jobs or freelancing gigs when you are in college to earn your pocket money.


Now you have to focus on your career and family. Or else you can focus on higher education first. BitLife gives you several higher education choices, which will help you to select your job later.

You can either join Graduate School, Business School, Dental or Medical School or Law School. Trying a scholarship is also a great idea when you apply for higher education.

In this age, you can move your relationship to the next level to marriages and having kids. Or get a divorce and get into a new relationship. To increase your wealth, you have to get a full-time job. Even you can migrate into a developed and rich country.

Go through the career ladder with promotions. You can change your occupation when you need a change. And can move into politics or become an artist. Even you can be a criminal. You can be a pilot in BitLife and fly over the world.

If you want to become famous on BitLife you can either choose a career as an Actor, model or a Writer. Those careers also can make you rich in BitLife.

Maintaining the maximum level of Health, Happiness, Smarts, and Looks indicator is vital while acquiring enough wealth and maintaining healthy relationships.

Doing physical activities and attending the gym frequently is essential to maintain physical health the same as real life. Meditation, reading books, pets, and related work is necessary to maintain good mental health.


Players will face sudden or aged deaths while playing. It is entirely random. But if you ignore the diseases that notified through pop-ups, your health will degrade slowly and ultimately shorten your life.

While playing BitLife, you will understand that maintaining good health and happiness is vital even in real life to maintain a balanced life.

Features of BitLife

features of bitlife


Bitizenship is the paid membership of the BitLife app. It is the citizenship certificate to the BitLife world. When you purchase bitizenship through App Store or Google Play, you will become Bitizen.

Bitizenship will unlock several premium features in BitLife, including saloon services and access to pets. You will be allowed to run for the Presidential election only if you are a Bitizen. Further, Bitizenship will enable you to experience an ad-free game.


GodMode is another premium feature that you will have to purchase separately through AppStore or Google Play. In the GodMode, you can edit the name and details of any person. So that you can create your characters, which will be more close to your real-life people.


You will receive Ribbons when your life ends in BitLife. Ribbons define and summarize how you spent your entire life. There are 40 ribbons in BitLife, and four of them are hidden until they are unlocked.

Once you unlocked a ribbon, it will add to your achieved ribbon list. As an example, once you completed a postgraduate education even in one life you fully completed, you will receive the Academic Ribbon. Several Ribbons are Academic, Cunning, Family Guy, Hero, etc.


Achievements are the rewards given for the player. The player will receive an Achievement once he completes a specific task. Like completing a full life. Once you complete an entire life, you will unlock the “Complete a Life” achievement.

If your life lived more than eighty years, you would unlock the “Octogenarian” achievement. If your life sees the hundred years, you will unlock the “Centenarian” achievement.

Some Achievements will be given as the Ribbons too. If you could have one million dollars in your possession (may be by a lottery win), you will unlock both Millionaire Ribbon and the Achievement.

There are some special achievements like the “CandyWriter” achievement. You should be able to build up your life to be an app developer for CandyWriter, and then you will receive the “CandyWriter” achievement and the “Teammate” Ribbon.

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How to download and Install BitLife

download bitlife

BitLife is a mobile game. Currently, BitLife is available for only Android and iOS. But using an Android emulator, you can install BitLife on your PC.

Download BitLife on Android mobile (BitLife APK)

  1. Go to Google Play Store and search for BitLife or go to this link.
  2. Then press Install
  3. Now BitLife will be installed on your Android, and you are ready to play the game.

Download BitLife on iPhone or iPad

  1. Go to App Store and search for BitLife or go to this link
  2. Then install the app
  3. Now you are ready to play BitLife on your Apple device.

Download BitLife on PC

Installing BitLife on PC is not a hard task. You need to install Android emulator software on your PC first.

  1. Install and Android emulator like BlueStacks or MemuPlay from their original web site.
  2. Sign in using a google account to open the google play.
  3. Open the Google Play and search for BitLife game or download the BitLife APK
  4. Install BitLife.
  5. Now you have installed BitLife on PC.

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BitLife – Life Simulator is a special kind of mobile game. It is not a game like FarCry or NFS. But you will get a different type of experience from BitLife.

BitLife is a good life simulation game for teenagers to play under the guidance of parents. They can plan and simulate their future life and get advice from parents on how to act for special situations in simulated life.