Professional Sports in Bitlife

Spoiler Alert: This article is now outdated. BitLife had an update to add professional sports in BitLife. You can read our guide on How to become a professional athlete in BitLife from here.

BitLife Life Simulator game has various job opportunities you can apply according to your qualifications. Have you ever wondered is there any way you can be a sportsman as a profession in BitLife? Did you work hard to gain skills to become a professional sportsperson? Let’s discuss professional sports in BitLife in this article.

As of now, you cannot do professional sports in BitLife. You can play most of the sports available in secondary school or the University. No matter whether you were a sports star in your University or the University captain in your game, you will not be able to do your sport as a profession in the BitLife game. The BitLife game developers mentioned several times that they would add professional sports updates soon. But yet it is not added to the game. Let’s wish to happen quickly.

Now Let’s see what the other options you have in BitLife are.

professional sports in bitlife

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Becoming a Sportsperson in BitLife

If you want to be a sportsperson, you can engage in any sport for several years in BitLife. You can do sports when you are taking studies. You cannot do any game in Elementary school, but as soon as you entered the High school, you can start any sport you need. Starting from secondary school, you can continue your games until the last college you take.

schools in bitlife

You can engage in sports at the University. Then you can look for another opportunity for higher studies and join another Graduate School for another few years. You can do sports until you finish all your studies. So there are about ten years you can engage in sports in BitLife.

It is better than nothing.

There are several sports you can engage in your university level.

  1. Basketball
  2. Bowling
  3. Badminton
  4. Cycling
  5. Hockey
  6. Gymnastics
  7. Handball
  8. Lacrosse
  9. Rowing
  10. Soccer
  11. Swimming
  12. Tennis
  13. Track and Field
  14. Weightlifting
  15. Chess

Above are some of the sports offer in BitLife. You can engage in one or more sports when you are at the college or the University for studies.

You can commit to your sports as much as the studies. If you work hard and perform well, you can easily be the captain of your BitLife university sports team.

sports in bitlife

Other Careers to Become Famous and Rich

Suppose you want to be famous in BitLife. In that case, you can try another field other than becoming a professional sportsman as BitLife yet does not allow you to be a professional and famous athlete in BitLife.

In the real world, professional sports are among the best methods to become famous and become a millionaire within a short period. But unfortunately, you don’t have this fortune in the BitLife world. So you can try another field or buy a lottery to reach that level.

Becoming a supermodel or an Actor is one of the easiest ways to become famous and become a millionaire quickly. Or you can be an author of a best selling book which will make you famous and rich.


BitLife developers have not yet added the feature to do sports as your full-time job. We hope that they will give an update to BitLife for professional sports soon. Until that, you can play with the existing features in BitLife. You can do sports for about ten years of your student life. As an alternative to become famous and rich, you can try other fields like modeling or film industry.

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