BitLife Prenup Guide – Why & How

It’s not uncommon to find prenuptial agreements nowadays, even in BitLife, and they exist for a reason – just in case! 

Your life unfolds before you in the mystical world of BitLife. You are free to make any choice, even the choice to love! But who knows about your future finances.

In this guide, we’ll go over the prenup in BitLife and how to get it.

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Prenup in BitLife

A prenup in BitLife is a legal agreement that’s written up before two people get married. This prenup agreement says that whatever you earn while you’re married is considered shared assets, meaning your spouse would get a cut of it in the event of divorce. 

Remember that depending on how long you were married and what kind of job you had, the sum will often vary from a negligible amount to a considerable amount.

But the money and assets you earn before your marriage entirely belong to you. Your spouse does not have any ownership of them. You do not want to share the wealth you made before your marriage with your partner in the event of a divorce.

A prenup is helpful if you earn more money than your partner. You might doubt that your partner will marry you to divorce you soon and claim half of your money.

But if you sign a prenup with your partner, you can protect the money you earn before the wedding happens.

When to Sign the Prenup in BitLife?

You can sign the prenup in the event of your marriage. The wealthy partner has the option to ask for a prenup. If your partner is richer than you, they might ask you to sign a prenup. Otherwise, you can ask them to sign a prenup if you want.

It can be challenging to decide whether or not you should sign a prenup before the wedding. While some people may see it as a worrying thing, others view it as a sensible precaution. Ask yourself what your partner expects from this agreement and how they will feel if they’re making a choice themselves.

Should I Sign a Prenup in BitLife?

When you are marrying your partner in BitLife might ask you to sign a prenup with them. But it is not mandatory to agree to it. You can either accept it or reject the prenup request.

Signing a prenup should be decided by you. There are both pros and cons of signing a prenup as it is a legal document. It will be effective in the event of a divorce with your partner.

So think twice before signing a prenup agreement in BitLife.

What Happens if you Sign a Prenup in BitLife?

Prenups are usually a good idea since signing one can protect your money if your partner has a lower income than you. If you had a fortune like winning a lottery before your wedding, you could entirely save that money if you had a prenup when you divorced.

There’s also the chance that your partner might be wealthy and ask you to sign the prenup. So in the event of a divorce, you can claim exact half of their wealth if you had signed a prenup at the marriage. You can only claim a portion of the money they earn after marrying you.

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What Happens if you Don’t Sign a Prenup in BitLife?

If you had a fortune or an inherited wealth before the wedding, you better have a prenup signed by your partner. If you did not have a prenup with your partner, you might have to give half of your wealth to your ex-partner in the event of a divorce.

But it is the opposite if your partner is wealthier than you. If they had a fortune before the marriage, and you didn’t sign a prenup with them, you can claim half of their assets if you divorce them.

So if you are not the richer person, not signing the prenup would be beneficial for you. But if you are the wealthier partner, not signing the prenup would be costlier for you in the event of a divorce.

How to Not Sign a Prenup in BitLife?

If your partner proposes a prenup for you when you are marrying, you have the option to either accept it or not. You can make any decision you want. 

But if you reject the prenup request, the marriage might halt, and the relationship between you two might get reduced.

So you can either cancel your marriage and give up your relationship if your partner asks you to sign a prenup. Otherwise, if you reject the initial prenup request, you can wait for some more time with your partner.

Then you have to work hard to improve your relationship with your partner. You can give gifts, go on vacations, complement the other, and spend time with each other to enhance the relationship between you two.

Secret Tips for Prenup in BitLife

If you have a divorce and prenup is against you, you can exit the BitLife app on your mobile phone and re-open the app. It might open you a state before the divorce. So you can do things differently and might same your marriage or work on to change the prenup state.

Final Words

A prenup is a legal agreement between a husband and a wife. The requirement for a prenup occurs if one partner doubts the other partner, whether they are marrying for money and a divorce.

But a prenup could save you from golddiggers. Golddiggers usually marry a partner only to divorce them soon after and claim their wealth.

If you had a fortune like a rare inherited heirloom or a lottery win in BitLife, you might heavily consider signing a prenup with your partner when you are marrying.

Because if they dump you soon after your marriage, you might lose a significant portion of wealth when they sue you for a divorce and money.

This concludes the guide for the prenups in BitLife. We hope you’ve found this guide informative!

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